Why Your Retail Space Needs Slatwall Store Fittings

Why Every Retail Store Needs Slatwall Display Panels

When opening a retail store, the decisions involved can feel endless. Not only do you need to find a good location, but you also have to decide everything from store branding, to whether or not you will invest in complex software and technology (e.g. for your vend in-store point of sale), what your employee uniforms will look like (if there will be one at all) and, of course, your opening hours. Needless to say, between all of these decisions and more it can be easy to overlook the importance of shop fittings, however, it’s important not to forget how you will display your shop items! In fact, your retail space won’t be complete without display solutions like slatwall. This system can feature on your walls or be combined with our UniSlot display system for even greater flexibility. 

Shop fittings determine what products get advertised and how, what the store layout will look like, how customers will move around your store, and how much space will be available for stock. It pays to choose your shop fittings wisely, and one of the best choices you can make is to invest in our Australian-made slatwall. Let’s look at why.

First up, what are slatwall panels for shop fit-outs?

Slatwall panels are highly versatile timber panels designed to order and clearly display shop items. Grooves run horizontally through the panels to hold display containers and a wide variety of fittings for hanging and arranging products. It’s quick and easy to add display fittings to slatwall, and just as easy to remove them and change things around, allowing you  to have total freedom over the look of your store. The shelves and hooks stay securely in place through the force of gravity, meaning there’s no need to throw toxic glues or adhesives into the mix. Our slatwall panels are designed to be wallmounted, but consider the UniSlot System with clip-in slatwall back panels for a more flexible option. This combination provides the ultimate solution for long term flexibility. This is a convenient and cost effective solution. You cannot move your walls, but you can move your UniSlot system.

Our slatwall comes in a wide range of finishes, from sleek black, minimal white, through to natural wood and premium styles, built to compliment your store no matter your brand or product. We supply everything you need to complete your display, including shelves, brackets, hooks, baskets, and hangrails.

How does slatwall compare to other shop fittings?

Unlike standard display cabinets or shelving units, slatwall and UniSlot display systems allow you to fully optimise your store space from floor to ceiling! Slatwall converts empty walls into functional display areas that appeal to browsing customers. The Slatwall System is incredibly versatile as compared to most other shop fittings – what other storage or display unit provides so much flexibility with how you present and arrange your products? In fact, this is exactly why Slatwall combined with UniSlot is so popular in large department stores that have a high turn-over of stock. If you want the option of being able to reinvent your displays around seasons, holidays, shopping events and special occasions then slatwall display panels are second to none.

What are the benefits of slatwall display panels?

Space saving

Unlike bulky furniture, slatwall sits close to the wall and takes up hardly any room. Slatwall panels also make use of every available inch of wall space, ensuring that you’re truly optimising on your display opportunities, without cluttering up the centre of your store. Slatwalls help you save valuable floor space, while offering plenty of display options.


The possibilities are practically endless when you choose slatwall store fittings, especially if you combine your slatwall with the mobility and flexibility that come with UniSlot. Whether you want shelves, baskets, hooks, or hangrails, slatwall provides the foundation for a huge array of display solutions that you can easily change and replace with something else when you’ve come up with another great product display idea.


In short, slatwall is worth the money. Compared to hefty display units, it is relatively inexpensive, while also being long-lasting and durable – at least, our slatwall panel are, since they’re Australian made and quality guaranteed! Slatwall enables you to cleverly display your products and refurbish your store quickly and inexpensively when its right to do so, so it’s easy to see how slatwall quickly pays for itself in convenience and adaptability.

Ready to Rock Your Retail Space?

At Apex Display, we have over 40 years of experience dealing with individual retailers, large department stores and international names to create effortless, functional interior spaces that show-off products at their best.  Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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