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Fine Tune Your Retail Space – Part 2 – Fragrance and Shop Fittings

Fine Tune Your Retail Space - Part 2 - Fragrance and Shop Fittings

In part 1 of How to Fine Tune Your Retail Space we talked about the overall impression a store can make, as well as how to choose paint colours and light fixtures. Now in part 2 we will talk about how to think outside of the box by introducing scent marketing and high-quality shop fittings that position your store ahead of the rest.

Fragrance in a Retail Space

We admit there are a lot of ways to style a store, but when it comes to distinguishing your brand, it pays to think outside of the box. Before we move on to shop fittings, we want to talk about scent marketing. 

Scent marketing is a lesser known sales technique, where the use of a non-obtrusive signature scent is used to create an inviting atmosphere.

Scent marketing has been used for years by the hotel industry to create positive first impressions and boost consumers satisfaction levels, but it’s still a burgeoning trend.

Why not stay ahead of the game and introduce scent marketing before your competitors do?

While it may not seem obvious, your shop fittings and fixtures also play a role in fragrance. If you are thinking of using scented candles (with safety hazard regulations checked out first) then your shop fittings will become vital to deciding where to place them around the store.

Purpose built platforms or, in the case of electric diffusers, discreet power points, become invaluable features in any scent marketing campaign.

Shop Fittings Complete the Look

Shop fittings are not just places to hang your clothes, they’re display windows in their own right, which encourage shoppers to browse, notice key products and decide on a purchase.

For yourself, our UniSlot shop fittings also work to make stocktake and shelving more convenient thanks to our broad range of accessories including Slatwall panels.

UniSlot System is modular and purpose built for fashion stores, large retail stores and chain stores. The modular components invite shoppers to pause and browse through the entire product range and quickly identify a desirable product. For staff, our UniSlot shop fittings also work to make stocktake and shelving easier and more efficient. Our UniSlot System is fantastic for hanging vertical products. 


In contrast, our SlatWall panels are designed for the horizontal organisation of small products and display features.

Consisting of horizontal grooves through a timber panel, our SlatWall panels are secure, safe and easy to customise.

Our SlatWall panels are made with care from the highest quality materials. Many inferior quality, imported SlatWall products contain formaldehyde – a dangerous gas. As trusted SlatWall suppliers, we guarantee that our panels are made from 100% Australian board sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Ready to Fit Out Your Retail Store?

At Apex Display we work with individual retailers, large department stores and international names to create bright, functioning interior spaces that showcase products at their best. For over forty years we have worked with retailers to create inspiring solutions and success stories. We are an Australian supplier, working hard for Australians in retail. Whether you’re a fashion boutique, hardware store, beauty salon, bridal showroom or large chain store with locations across the country, we’re happy to help you on your retail journey. Our customised solutions are waiting for your store. Get in touch today to discuss the options available.

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