Plastic vs Fibreglass

Plastic vs Fibreglass Mannequins

There was a time when a high street retail store wouldn’t dare use anything but fibreglass mannequins in their window displays. Along with heavy duty clothes racks, fibreglass mannequins were seen as “better quality” and more appropriate to visual merchandising.

However, a great deal has changed in the manufacturing capabilities of plastic mannequins since then. Moreover, plastic mannequins now come with some drastic benefits: they’re much cheaper than fibreglass, they’re durable yet lightweight, and they’re more environmentally friendly.

If you’re a retail store owner or manager or visual merchandiser then you’re bound to be curious. At Apex Display we have a fantastic range of plastic mannequins to choose from, and in this blog, we will run through some of their important benefits.


Plastic Mannequins and Sustainability

Plastic mannequins are much more environmentally friendly than fibreglass thanks to being recyclable. At the end of their use, plastic mannequins can be broken up and added to ordinary recycling collections, which makes them cost effective, too.


Plastic Mannequins Don’t Break Easily

One of the biggest upsides of plastic mannequins is how durable they are in comparison to fibreglass. Fibreglass is fragile and easy to damage or scratch, especially if they are dropped or fall (something that can easily happen when dressing the doll). In contrast, plastic mannequins are resilient and not prone to breaking. Today, plastic mannequins can also be scratch resistant and last for years.


Plastic Mannequins are Cost Effective

Plastic is a readily available material for manufacturing purposes, meaning that plastic mannequins are convenient to mass produce and sell at a lower cost in bulk as compared to fibreglass. If you need a large number of mannequins (most stores do) then plastic mannequins are the obvious choice.


Plastic Mannequins Can Look Like Fibreglass

As we mentioned earlier, manufacturing has come a long way, and plastic mannequins can now perfectly compliment a high-quality store. Old plastic mannequins could look “tacky” but today, the untrained eye would struggle to tell the difference between plastic and fibreglass and would not be put off by the use of plastic mannequins in store displays.


Find Plastic Mannequins at Apex Display

If you’re looking for the perfect mannequins, store supplies, shop fittings and display solutions for your business then read out to Apex Display. Get in touch with us for product information.


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