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Dressed for Success: How Mannequins Drive Traffic to Your Store

Your shop’s visual merchandising strategies will fall short without the right medium for your products. In-store experiences are responsible for driving traffic and sales. So, part of your strategy is to attract shoppers inside; a lack of good displays reduces the chance of potential customers entering your store.

Different visual merchandising strategies exist to improve your stores appeal. A well-designed wall display or an interactive floor display encourages shoppers to peruse your products as they explore the space. But without any eye-catching displays in your shop windows, they are likely to walk past.

Arrange your window display with mannequins to catch people’s attention. These life-sized dolls can be dressed up and posed to show off your products, whether clothing or accessories.

Find out why mannequins are more beneficial to your business than other window display options:

Mannequins: The Silent Salesperson

Hanging different pieces of clothing on racks in your display window is impersonal and unenticing. Mannequins are designed to emulate humans so shoppers see how a product might look on them. Once a mannequin captures the attention, the lure of other in-store displays and offers come into play. Mannequins, in a way, act as silent salespeople at the shop front, encouraging people to enter and browse.

Target Your Shoppers

With the large range of mannequins for sale in Australia, it’s easy to find one that suits your brand and style. Select models that resemble the body type, gender and build of person you are targeting, and best show-off your products.

Inspire Your Shoppers

Position yourself as more than a clothing store. Act as a style consultant through your mannequins. Help shoppers discover the different ways they can wear your products. When done correctly, shoppers are inspired to buy a variety of items to mix and match them on their own.

Guide Your Shoppers

Place styled mannequins throughout your store. Utilise them as subtle signs towards different product displays. When a shopper walks to a mannequin they like, they also move to a new area. Once there, they explore the shelves and racks that surround the mannequin and browse items that complement the clothing on display.


Maximising Your Mannequin Investment

Like all display systems, your mannequins require maintenance. Failing to do so reduces their appeal, with a shabby figure changing the whole image of the clothes displayed.

When using mannequins:

Change their looks and clothing regularly to maintain interest.. As a marketing tool, you want your window display to remain fresh and reflect the image you have in-store.

High-Quality Realistic Mannequins from Apex Display

We understand the importance of a well-designed retail shop. Our shopfitting solutions include display supplies for your visual merchandising needs. We have a range of realistic male and female mannequins. Choose the models that will best suit your brand’s aesthetics.

Whether you want solutions to enhance an existing store layout, or want an overhaul, Apex Display is your partner. With over four decades of experience, we have the expertise to help you achieve an effective and attractive display. Contact us here for any enquiries about our products.

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