3 Signs Your Retail Shelving is Letting Your Business Down

While it may not seem like it, shelves for shops can become a major impact on the success of your business. By choosing the right shelving unit for your store you should be seeing your customers’ shopping experience increase and your products flying off the shelves.

Today we’ll be going over the three major signs that your shelves are letting your business’ reputation down and are in need of a change up.

You’re having trouble displaying your products

You need to choose shelving that will best suit your store and its items. You need to use your shelves to not only provide the quality that’s expected by your customers but to create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

Remember, the point of shelving is to show off your product in a way that influences your customers to want to buy them. Even the extended time they spend in your store because of the enticing and quality storefront and shelving can make more of an impact and create a better brand reputation and image. But none of this will happen if you choose the wrong shelving.

You Can’t find enough displaying in your store

Shelving is there solely to present your products in a way that is appealing to your customers, therefore raising your profitable sales. You really can’t afford to waste any space with unnecessary or bulky units that don’t advantage your storefront in any way.

Display systems like the UniSlot System offer a range of wall mounted and free standing shelving units or your store that can easily be swapped around and redesigned to be able to hold a large range of items. From clothing racks to shelves for large homewares, modular display systems allow ou to use different shelving solutions on one wall, so you have more room for other stock in the rest of your stores limited and valuable space.

Not Using Shelf Planning Principles to Your Advantage

Things such as shelving products from premium to average valued items from left to right or separately to gain more attention, using colour block stocking and displays, house brands next to brand leaders and placing best-selling products and profit generators are at eye level.

These are all examples of general rules that are applied to retail shelving. If you don’t pay attention to these rules or create similar one specific for your store, you’ll find that you either aren’t buying the right shelving that your business truly needs or that you’ll be losing customer sales through a poor shopping experience.

Why Apex Display Should Be Your First Choice for Your Stores Shelving Needs 

If you’re looking for the perfect retail shelving solution for your business, look no further than Apex Display. Many of our shelving solutions are Australian made and manufactured by our in-house production team with only the highest quality materials. We offer all our styles in a range of premium finishes to fit into any store’s interior, no matter the niche they fall into. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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