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Why We Use Mannequins in Retail Stores

Running a retail store is a big investment, which is why it’s so important to display your products clearly and in an eye-catching manner.

Hanging systems like Apex Display’s Slatwall Display Units go a long way in inviting customers to browse, touch and select potential purchases, but to really show off your garments from every angle you need mannequins.

Mannequins, also known as shop dummies, dolls, and dress forms, are articulated figures used by retail stores to display their clothes, including footwear. They allow customers to see what clothes look like when worn, from every angle. Mannequins are especially effective at showing off those garments with special details like cut-outs, frills, fringes, etc, that only come to life when worn.

At Apex Display we pride ourselves on being the shop for shops, which is why we have a wide range of retail mannequins for sale. We have decades of experience in retail store fit outs and display systems, and have seen first-hand how mannequins can turn retail stores from good to great.

Most of us understand that mannequins show off clothes, but they also do a whole lot more for the retail industry. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should use mannequins in your apparel retail store.


Mannequins Increase Retail Sales

Many studies have shown the link between mannequin use and increased sales in retail and it all comes down to customer perception, the visualisation of products, and showing off garments in an aspirational way. According to one study: “Mannequins impact customers by giving them a look to aspire to. Mannequins are great for showing just how certain garments can be worn. Research was conducted based upon the mannequin displays in the retail stores. According to the results, consumers seem to have a more positive perception of color display, design, appearance. Consumers perceive the displays positively and feel that it is creating a new sense and lifestyle by providing complete visualization.”


Mannequins Give Customers Great Shopping Experiences

The visual aesthetics of mannequins help customers embrace the shopping experience by immersing them in the brand. Mannequins make it easy for customers to browse and consider garments and virtually “sell” your products for you. Mannequins are also a light-touch form of sales, which many customers appreciate. You don’t need a customer service rep walking around explaining how a particular garment falls when worn when you have mannequins doing the work! In a similar way, mannequins can act as signposts to where products are located in your store, such as the sportswear section versus resort wear. Since mannequins are easy to see, customers rely on them to find what they are looking for, or to spot new items.


Mannequins Fill Void Areas and Awkward Corners

Empty corners, shop windows or any other kind of awkward space can be put to good use through the use of mannequin displays. A couple of mannequins quickly turn blank areas into promotional displays that enhance your decor and sell products.


Be Holiday Season Ready with Apex Display

If you’re looking for affordable mannequins and shop display solutions, then look no further than Apex Display.

Our display items are Australian made and manufactured by our team with highest care. Get in touch to learn more or make your order!

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