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Why We Use Mannequins for Sale Displays in Retail Stores

Using display systems that promote some interaction with products or showcase them can be inviting for customers. Display systems that allow customers to browse the product before asking them to buy can increase overall sales. Using mannequins for sale items can invite customers in.

Running a retail store is a big investment. It is important to display your products in a clear and eye-catching manner.

Mannequins are an essential part of displaying your products. These displays have many different names, more commonly dummies, dolls, and dress forms.

mannequins for sale

What is a mannequin?

These all refer to jointed figures used to display clothing for retail stores. They allow customers to see what clothes look like when worn, from every angle. Display dummies are best used for showing items with intricate details that people can only see when wearing them.

Retail store owners will see that there is a wide range of mannequins for sale. This method of displaying clothes is a timeless method used for an increase in sales. Different styles of display dummies have evolved over the years. This makes it easy for a retail store owner to find a style that works best for their store aesthetic.

Many people understand mannequins show off clothes. But few people realise they also do a whole lot more for the retail industry.

Let’s a look at some of the reasons why you should use mannequins in your apparel retail store.


Mannequins Increase Retail Sales

Many studies have shown the link between using display dolls and an increase in sales. This suggests sales come down to a customers visual perception of products. According to one study: “Display dummies impact customers by giving them a look to aspire to.

Showing how to style certain garments is great for display dummies. Researchers conducted further research on the use of mannequin displays in retail stores. The results show consumers have a positive perception of the clothing on display. Consumers can see the sense and lifestyle created, by providing complete visualisation.”

Mannequins Give Customers Great Shopping Experiences

The visual aesthetic of dummies helps customers embrace the shopping experience. Using a mannequin for sale displays immerses the customer into the brand. Dummies make it easier for customers to browse garments and “sell” the products for you.

Display dummies are also a light-touch form of sales, which many customers appreciate. You don’t need a customer service rep to explain how a particular garment falls.


body forms

You can use these displays to show how it looks when worn. These exhibits act as lighthouses in your shop, signifying the location of items. Mannequins are easy to see, customers rely on them to find what they are looking for or to spot new items.

Mannequins Fill Void Areas And Awkward Corners

filling the void with mannequins


Empty corners and shop windows are perfect spaces for promotional displays. A few mannequins seamlessly create engaging displays that enhance your aesthetic and drive your sales up.

Some key features:

  • Mannequins are your silent salesman in your store and boost sales as they provide a visual appeal to customers.
  • Retailers use mannequins to display new and trending merchandise.
  • Retail store window fronts can use them to influence customers into the store.
  • Mannequins in good condition provide aesthetical appeal to your retail store.
  • Our dummies are available in different poses and skin colours. So, you can easily find the mannequin that best suits your store

Be Holiday Season Ready With Apex Display

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