Display Tables-Different Types And When To Use Them

How you set out your store can be the difference between a walk-out and a sale. It’s amazing how a simple retail display table creates a pleasant customer experience. The first thing a customer sees is the look of your store before they even notice the products within. The layout of how you display your products is as important as the products themselves.

Different types of products call for different types of displays. Read as we delve into the different types of displays and which type suits your product.

Types Of Display Tables

There are a multitude of different types available. From industrial designs to showcase counters, the options are endless for your store. The size and shape of your store, the longevity of your store. The products you want to showcase will affect your choice of display tables.

Industrial Display Table Set

Nested Retail Display Tables

For a modern look and feel, the Industrial Display Table Set is the ideal solution. This striking set features eye-catching elements that make a statement.

Featuring a natural timber countertop with metal legs, and mesh on the sides. This professional display is sure to catch the eye of customers.

This set suits a variety of products including bags, shoes, and other accessories. This set features three separate spaces to house goods. The smaller table nests quickly when not in use. This set is perfect for pop-ups or when packing down, requiring less space.

Small Black Pipe Rack Display Table

Black Pipe Rack Table

The Small Black Pipe Rack Display Table creates an attractive retro theme with its industrial design. 

This display table is flat-packed and easy to assemble. This retail display table is easy to move around your store, making it perfect for pop-up stores. Match with Pipe Racks and Wall Mount shelves for a stunning display.

Nested Tables

UniSlot Shop Furniture


You can use these modern nested tables on their own or nest them with a drawer unit. They also work well when nested with a shelving display unit. Our display tables are suitable for boutiques, gift shops, retail stores, shopping centres, museums, and more. 

We manufacture these display tables in three standard colours, white, black and native oak. For your convenience and to keep shipping cost low, we supply them flat packed. 

1200mm Black Showcase Counter

1800mm Black Illuminated Glass Counter


The Showcase Counter features a timber and glass display, with two adjustable glass shelves and LED lighting.

This display table is ideal for encasing jewelry and accessories. The showcase counter boasts sliding doors at the rear for easy access.

Simple and sleek, this style would suit a multitude of aesthetics and comes in black, white and native oak. Perfect for any branding.

Black Tiered Display Pedestal Set

Black -Timber - Display-Plinths-Shop Display--Made-In-Australia

This modern display table is perfect for showcasing products and highlighting sale items. The display pedestals are easy and fast to assemble. This Display Pedestal Set draws the customer’s attention in all the right ways.

Each pedestal is 390 x 390mm square with varying heights. Also available in white and Native Oak to suit any aesthetic.

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