What to Look for in a Shopfitting Supplier

In order to run a successful retail store you will need reliable suppliers. Aside from your clothing suppliers, you need someone who can provide you with the equipment and supplies you need. Ideally, you’ll want a one stop shop for shops. Make sure your final choice has the qualifications to be your long-term partner.

Things to Keep in Mind before Settling on a Supplier

Your store is a physical representation of your brand. When you open strong, you leave a lasting impression on visitors and customers. Take the time to find the right shop fittings supplier who can give you the advantage of fully functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment.

Are Their Products Right For You?

Shelves, racks and display tables are available from many online suppliers.  When searching for a supplier, consider how you want your store to look. Browse your options’ product catalogues to determine who has the equipment you need. Remember that cheapest supplier may not offer value for money for your supplies and fittings.

Ask about their Customer Support

There will be moments when you will need professional help. Make sure the supplier you choose has reliable customer support service. Otherwise, you might be left with equipment that you can’t fully maximise. Additionally, the absence of customer support service will make it harder to ask for repairs or replacements.

Study their Return and Replacement Policies

Damage to your equipment is unavoidable. Even with the proper care and maintenance, wear and tear will compromise its quality over time. When you are looking for a supplier, check their return and replacement policies. Choose a shopfitting supplier who has policies that are accommodating to your needs.

Consider the Logistics

Most shopfitting suppliers have online stores. If you plan on using their online platform more often than their physical store, make sure they have a reliable logistics process. Look at reviews and comments to determine how they conduct their operations. The last thing you want is to receive a late package that has broken equipment inside.

Apex Display, Your Shopfitting Partner

Apex Display is committed to providing store owners with beautiful and functional shopfitting solutions. We have built our business to be a one stop shop for Australian business owners. With over four decades of expertise, we combine our experiences and know how to provide you with insightful solutions.

We have a wide selection of shopfitting options and other store supplies. Chosen for their toughness and durability, these Shop display systems are highly customisable. Once you have them, you have the option to personalise them to better suit your brand.

Get to know more about our shopfittings and store supplies when you contact our team. You can even book an appointment to view our showroom. Call us on 1800 111 488 or send an email to [email protected].

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