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9 Ways to Slash Costs on your Store Fitout

Retailers are often shocked at the cost of a shop fit. Fitting out a shop could mean many stages of evaluation, purchasing and installing. A quick calculation of what the costs could be, especially when you include the cost of professional labour, is enough to put many off. Smaller retailers may decide to not go ahead with a fitout or they might choose to buy low-quality fittings online. Neither of these options is ideal.

At Apex Display, we have seen the unfortunate outcomes of these decisions. Too often, a shop thatchooses not to refit goes under due to lack of custom. This is shame as there’s a solution available that won’t break bank. Whilst a refit does require investment, what’s certain is that choosing thecheapest option is often a false economy and it won’t be long until the shop needs another fitout.

There are ways to fit out your shop, save money and not compromise your store’s quality. All it takes is some expert know-how. Let’s go through some shop fitting solutions that will help you save on costs while still elevating your store.

Preparation: The Saving Starts Here

retail store interior

Preparation is essential in executing a successful fitout. Develop a strategy that best suits your timeline and budget. This will help you keep track of everything you need to accomplish without missing anything.

DIY Clean-up

If your business is utilising a space that was previously owned, it is best to strip it down to its bare essentials. This gives you a blank canvas that you can transform to suit your desired store theme. Once you have cleared that space of all its past furnishings, clean it up. Doing all of this by yourself allows you to save on money that you would have otherwise spent on demolition teams and shopfit removalists.

Tip: Make sure you adhere to OH&S Standards to cut possible medical and legal expenditure!

Sell Old Fittings and Furniture

Rather than simply throwing away all of the space’s old fittings and furniture, consider selling them. There are several second-hand dealers in Australia who will gladly buy used furnishings. You also have the option to cut out the middleman if you choose to put these items up for sale online. There are speciality shops online where you can list your old items. Ideally, the buyers of these items will remove them from your location without additional costs on your end. 

Tip: We do not recommend, however, that you refit with second-hand fittings. Check out this post to learn why.

Consult the Experts

If you are considering a few different options, call some shopfitting companies and ask them for advice. The best suppliers should be willing to give advice, provide an obligation free quote and likely visit your site free of charge. 

Tip: If they aren’t helpful at this stage, it is doubtful that they will be down the track.

Choosing the Goods: Saving on the Nitty Gritty

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Avoid overspending for your shop fitout by being smart with your choices. There are several solutions available but it’s wise to invest in quality items.

A Friend in Need…

…can save you on service costs. Think about the people you know.  Do you have any acquaintances who have dabbled in interior design? Their free advice will improve your shop’s appearance and save you an expensive interior designer’s fees! Is there anyone who is particularly good with their hands? Ask them to help you out with the installation. 

The connections you make are important to your business. Choosing a good partner at the start of your business venture, gives you the opportunity to cultivate a relationship that will be beneficial in the long-term.

Tip: Many shopfitting suppliers will be happy to supply you the fittings only,  to install yourself. This saves installation costs, reducing the final cost by a big percentage.

Don’t be too Specific

Over specifying the fittings makes it difficult for shop fitting suppliers to source products.  If you want all your fittings in a particular colour, or non-standard sizing, expect to pay for it! 

There are other ways you can customise basic designs. If you want a specific colour, choose to paint your equipment on your own. You can also personalise these generic options with items from your own collection. Aside from being unique, this offers more personality to your store than expensive decorations.

Tip: Keep an open mind about the exact fittings and the supplier will be able to give you the best deals of the moment.

Save $ By Buying Quality

Many retailers make the mistake of thinking all fittings were created equal. This is far from true, but they only discover this 6 months after the shop has been fitted out, when the cheap ones need replacing. If you find a price online that seems too good to be true, it probably is. You may pay a little more for quality initially, but the fittings won’t need replacing as soon as inferior items. 

Tip: Get the supplier to tell you how items were made, and to guarantee their quality, so you know you are investing wisely.

The Final Touches Shouldn’t Break the Camel’s Back

Don’t save on the majority of the fitout only to spend double the initial amount on final touches. Since this is only the start of your business, it is better to start simple. Make an impact with your brand using your products rather depending heavily on the store’s aesthetics.

Keep it Simple

Choosing to keep your shopfit simple is the first step in keeping a tight budget.  Those little additives add up  fast and you will find it hard to keep track of them. Consider utilising add-ons little by little. Purchase them every time you achieve a business goal to show your store’s journey.

Tip: Avoid add-ons, upgrades and unusual colours or sizes.

Plan and Order Ahead

The earlier you place your order the more time you will have to source out-of-stock items if necessary. You can avoid rush shipping and you will have more time for installation. Sometimes the delivery from the manufacturer can go awry and the smaller the time-frame, the more expensive hiccups will be! 

Tip: Try to order your shopfit 3-4 weeks or more in advance to give your supplier a flexible delivery schedule.

Pick it Up

Delivery costs are hard to predict and can come as a shock when you are ordering a shopfit. 

Tip: Consider collecting items in a ute or a truck yourself, to save some extra cash.

Careful planning, intelligent decision-making, and creativity will save you thousands. Consider your current human assets and make the most of them. These could be a friend with a Ute, an interior designer colleague, or a supplier who will do an onsite obligation free quote. The help that they will give you at no cost is well worth utilizing. Keep an open mind about the details of your shopfit so you can nip in costs where you can.

Take the first step in investing in your retail presence. Contact us today for an obligation free assessment. Apex Display is here with our wide selection of high-quality shopfitting solutions. Choose which items will best suit your desired store aesthetic.

Contact us today for an obligation free assessment.Our team will gladly answer your enquiries and concerns.

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