The Do’s & Don’ts of In Store Signage

Do you think your customers know what they want when they come into your shop? Think again! The Shopper Engagement Study published by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International),  reveals that in-store consumer decision rate has climbed to an all-time peak of 76%. You have the ability to guide their decisions with in-store signage.

In-store signage doesn’t have to be in your face to get the message across.

Here’s what to do, and what not to do:

Do have large eye-catching signs at the window to attract foot traffic.  Particularly if your store is on a shopping street, many people will make the spontaneous decision to come in.

Do have smaller shelf level signs with stories behind interesting products that you sell. People often buy the story, rather than just the product at face value, so if there is a quirky production story – publicize it!

Do ensure you have compliant signage – Exit signs, fire escape signs and any other safety signage is essential. Also, display any disability access signage that is relevant, particularly if there is a wheelchair accessible entrance and exit not readily visible.

Do use signage to increase impulse buys. This can be sale tags on hangers, new arrivals banners over a section of your store or other promotional material.

Don’t display signs below standing eye level – for retail environments this height would be about 1.4 metres from the ground.  It’s pointless, but may also be non-compliant for visually impaired shoppers.

Don’t have out of date signage on display. Nothing screams ‘lazy’ louder than Boxing Day Sales signs at the end of January.

Don’t have handwritten signage unless it suits your store’s theme.

Don’t have red signage unless it’s a sale. Red signage is synonymous with Sale signage, and shoppers who don’t read it properly may be disappointed!

Try to analyse your signage with fresh eyes. Imagine entering your store as a new customer. Be honest about what’s clear and what may be unclear to customers. This way, you will be well on your way to using signage to your retail advantage and having the investment pay off while you’re at it.

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