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Smooche Boutique: An interview with the owner.

Tell us about your shop:
Smooche is a mid to upmarket Boutique catering for casual through to event dressing and Formal Gowns. Smooche stocks sizes 6 -24. We also have jewellery, shoes, handbags and undergarments for shaping.

Describe a typical customer of Smooche Boutique:
We cater for all age groups, so your mum, daughter, and grandmother would be quite happy to shop together in Smooche.

What are 3 items that are bestsellers in your shop?
Event wear is highly sort after in Smooche because we stock different and unique styles. Also our Formal Gowns are very popular as they are very pretty and very well priced. Our shoes have grown to be very well loved for their comfort and stand out styles.

Formal Gown available at Smooche Boutique

What is the question you hear most from your customers? How do you answer it?
Q. I want to cover my arms I don’t like my arms!
A. I suggest a little dusting of bronzer to contour the arms or if this still doesn’t give the desired confidence then we find a sheer light weight shrug that just covers the arms but does not take away the effect of the Dress.

What do you purchase from Apex Display?
Apex has been with Smooche right from its conception 10 years ago. We use the fabulous lay-by books (best system EVER!),we love the fabulous quality wrapping paper and tissue paper, we use the tag gun and its tags, love the quality of the black coat hangers, we love the stickers for adding that special touch to the gift wrapping. We took advantage of the beautiful glass jewellery cabinet and have found since having it in Smooche we are selling more jewellery! We also purchase our travelling fold down racks from Apex and the Perspex slat wall shelving. We are now waiting for our next exciting purchase the stunning new floor mannequins!

What tips would you give to a close friend opening a Boutique (and everyone reading this blog)?
You must be a people person and passionate about customer service. If you love Fashion, styling people and helping them solve their fashion needs then it will be appreciated by your customers. The result is they look great and feel confident and you feel great because you helped make it happen! The stock you purchase evolves as you meet your customers’ needs.

Name something that a would-be retailer should look out for/avoid in the industry, and why.
Do not stock labels that are readily available in the big department stores. People who shop in Boutiques are looking for something different and want to limit the chances of turning up at an event in the same outfit as someone else!!!! Same goes for chain Boutiques!!!!

Dress & Shoes available at Smooche Boutique

Looking out 3 to 5 years, what do you think will be the next big change in your industry?
Fashion is always evolving and if you wait long enough you’ll recognise (from past photos) the dress styles your great great great grandmother wore!

What is something you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?
You can only do your best. That is all you can ask of yourself. Everything happens for a reason.  

Tell us about your favourite experience in your shop, any interesting stories etc.
My customers put a smile on my face when they phone and thank me for dressing them for their event and declare how many compliments they received from admiring friends and family on how great they look! In Smooche we also have a beauty room where we do our customers make up on the day of their event.

Who is someone you look up to? Why?
I look up to style icon Audrey Hepburn. Not only was she stylish and beautiful on the outside but she was a great humanitarian and beautiful on the inside too.

 Cocktail Dress & Accessories available
for purchase at Smooche Boutique

Thank you Gayle and Smooche for this fascinating interview! Check out Smooche online at www.smooche.com.au. All clothing pictured is available at Smooche Boutique.

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