Should You Buy in Bulk? The Pros and Cons of Wholesale

Should you buy your shop supplies in bulk? It’s generally held that it’s always better for businesses to buy wholesale. However, this isn’t a viable option for all businesses, especially those that are just starting out. The answer isn’t always clear cut. However, since no business wants to be so tightly run it has no buffer margin, the answer normally lies in how much wholesale you need.

The Advantages of Buying in Bulk

The reason for purchasing supplies in bulk is to prevent them from running out. When you run out of carry bags or don’t have price tagging supplies, customers are inconvenienced and think poorly of your store. Purchasing wholesale shop supplies allows you to be fully prepared at all times for your customers. 

You get better deals.

Vendors often welcome wholesale transactions because it benefits their bottom line. Once you’ve decided on a supplier, consider brokering a deal with them. An exclusive long-term contract, is likely to persuade a supplier to negotiate attractive deals for you.

You pay less for shipping.

Buying in bulk often results in lower shipping costs. Shipping companies often give you better deals per item if you have more items to ship.

Your supplies will last you longer As mentioned, the main advantage of buying in bulk apart from cost-saving is to prevent running out of supplies. Aside from being able to service your customers, in a dependable and professional way, a healthy surplus of supplies allows staff to set up new displays or organise certain areas of the store in imaginative and attractive new ways.

The Disadvantages of Buying in Bulk

Although there are plenty of advantages of buying in bulk, it isn’t financially feasible for some business owners. Without the proper planning, you are putting your store’s bottom line at risk. Instead of putting in large orders of supplies, limit your wholesale purchases to pertinent items.

Here are the reasons to be more discerning with your bulk purchases.

You lose valuable space.

Aside from your shop supplies, you have your inventory to think of. These items can’t be placed anywhere. As your primary source of income, your merchandise needs to be stored in a suitable location. These items shouldn’t be competing with your shop supplies for space in the stock room.

You have more supplies than merchandise.

It’s not a good sign for a business to have more supplies than merchandise. Buying supplies in bulk for products you plan on displaying in the future can result in unnecessary clutter if you over order.

Apex Display: Your Shop Supplies Provider

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