Retail in Brisbane is Great Because

  1. Honesty is so highly valued. People will tell you if you have accidently under (or over) charged them.
  2. People aren’t afraid to air their opinions. You’ll hear what you do wrong, and what your competitors do wrong.
  3. Word of mouth in this big country town still carries enormous weight.
  4. You probably know your customer’s friend, and how often do 2 people come into your shop who know each other? It happens all the time to us!
  5. There is scope for creatives, and what they create, to succeed. Unique = popular.
  6. The cultural outlook encourages curiosity. People are willing to try new things.
  7. Everything’s close: The city, the country, the beach and the bush. They all manage to influence each other.
  8. There are really unique food places in between the shops. Your lunch time is an adventure.
  9. Its always warm. And that makes your customers happy.
  10. Many of the most popular inner city precincts are within walking distance from each other, so you can go shopping in your lunch hour too.
  11. Business and their customers pull together when there’s hardship – remember January 2011?
  12. Its safe. You can walk home, or to the bus stop, without feeling threatened, (apart from the occasional mad gunman!)
  13. Brisbane emergency services are organized. Even Queen Street Mall can be cleared within 5 minutes! (In the event of above)
  14. The shopping experience caters to all tastes, without being too bewildering. You will find a niche here.
  15. The people and the city are unpretentious – humility and honesty in your business are rewarded.
  16. There is a strong multicultural influence – your customers are interesting.
  17. Tourists abound, and they love buying local, Australian made and quirky things.
  18. “New” is highly valued. Brisbane is known as the “New World City” and this is a vibe repeated throughout the retail scene.
  19. The parks. It’s so easy to go out in your lunch hour and soak up the greenery in our city, as parks are just about on every street.
  20. People talk. You are likely to find out from your customer what they had for dinner last night, or what people are saying about your shop.
  21. People are generous – you will probably not only hear what your customer had for dinner, but they’ll give you the recipe too!
  22. Public transport is everywhere: your shop probably is conveniently near a bus stop, a train station and maybe even one of those city-bike stalls.

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