Replacing Plastic Bags with Greener Alternatives

The continued use of single-use plastic in retail has garnered criticism from consumers worldwide. Much of the criticism is directed towards the non-biodegradable material’s effects on the environment, and the fact you can’t reuse the bags for other purposes. Different types of plastic continue to accumulate in landfills and pollute the world’s water sources.

Consumers are clamouring for the private sector to adopt eco-friendly measures to decrease its dependence on the material. Retailers, in particular, are called upon to lead the charge by replacing their plastic packaging and marketing materials with sustainable alternatives.

The Influence of Retailers in Sustainability

Small to medium business owners play an important role in promoting sustainability from the grassroots level. Unlike large corporations, you have direct contact with the community. You can easily create rapport with your customers, asking them what kind of changes they want to see in your store. This could be  helpful in promoting sustainability because it is rooted in personal experiences. Additionally, the familiarity between you and your customers improves transparency and encourages accountability.

Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic

Packaging is essential for any retail business. Aside from holding your customers’ items, your store’s packaging doubles as marketing materials. These days, packaging materials are available in a number of eco-friendly materials. Apex Display has a wide selection of carry bags in Australia. Choose from various styles, colours, sizes, and materials to strengthen your store’s commitment to sustainability.

Paper Bags

Unlike plastic, paper is biodegradable and recyclable. Clothing boutiques use paper bags, as they portray a sustainable yet upper-class look. There are many different styles of paper bags, you can choose different handles, colours and finishes to suit your store.Transform it into an effective marketing material by designing it with your logo and other branding elements.

Canvas Bags

Another popular alternative to plastic bags is canvas tote bags. Made from natural cotton, this tote bag offers plenty of advantages. These bags come in different sizes, it is highly durable, and it is foldable, making it easy to put them away when not in use. Additionally, a canvas tote bag’s usability encourages consumers to keep them for other purposes, whether it is for more shopping or as an everyday bag.

Recycled Plastic Bags

Contrary to popular belief, not all plastic is bad. Innovative technologies and environmentally conscious practices have streamlined the recycling process for plastic. Now, it is common to see eco-friendly plastic bags in different parts of Australia. Compliant with the country’s Plastic Bag Ban, these plastic bags go through a repurposing process where they are degraded and reformed.

Supplying Sustainable Packaging Alternatives across Australia

There are plenty of sustainable alternatives available to retailers throughout Australia. Apex Display has a wide range of shop suppliesproducts that are available online. Browse through our curated selection of items and choose the ones that meet your store’s needs. The majority of our carry bag options are environmentally friendly.

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