Mistakes to Avoid for Better Window Displays

One of the first points of visual contact your customer has of your store is the window display. As an element of visual merchandising, its main purpose is to attract new and old customers. When done correctly, it encourages passers-by to enter the store to browse its items.

Sometimes though, there are window displays that are eye-catching for all the wrong reasons. These are those that are so unattractive that people can’t help but stop and stare. Rather than drive people towards the store, apoorly curated window display will steer them away.

Avoid losing customers and sales by improving your window displays. The easiest way to do so is to familiarise yourself with the common mistakes made in setting up a display. Gain greater insight on how to carry out your visual merchandising for the better.

Common Mistakes Made in Window Displays

We’ve compiled some of the most common mistakes stores make in creating their window displays so you know which practices to avoid.

Mistake #1: Using bad-style and damaged mannequins.

It’s easy to find cheap mannequins for sale these days. But you need to be discerning when choosing which ones to use for your store. Whilst ‘cheap’ mannequins may sound enticing, if they get knocked about (which we understand happening in any busy retail shop), they will be the first to be looking second-rate. Full-body mannequins are the better choice for window displays because they help passer-by’s picture your outfits in real life.. You should also consider selecting mannequin models that suit your clothes, whether they be abstract, realistic, white or skin-tone.

Mistake #2: Overcrowding the window with too many design elements.

Creating an attractive window display is about balance. Aside from your mannequins, you need props that enhance the scene. Choose seasonal elements that connect with local and national events. But don’t overcrowd your display with too many products and props – it will soon become an eyesore. Too many design elements also redirect the viewers’ eyes away from what you intended to showcase.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to change the items on display

Your window display serves to show your customers that you are keeping up with trends. When a display stays for too long, customers will lose interest and your store will cease to attract attention. Changing items too frequently prevents the window display from making an impression on new and old customers, so there is a happy medium. We suggest you create a calendar that will prompt you when to change a window display. Include seasonal fashion changes and sales to fully showcase the items you want to highlight and make the most of your visual merchandising effort.

Apex Display: Experts in Visual Merchandising

A window display is one of the most valuable tools in visual merchandising. Getting the most out of it will require more than just avoiding common mistakes. A good window display needs high-quality display systems, furniture and signage. You don’t want a customer to suddenly turn away from your window once they see a rusty rack or an unattractive mannequin.

Apex Display is a leading supplier of shopfitting systems and other in-store accessories. We provide a wide range of items for creating eye-catching window displays. Choose which items best suit your window displays when you browse our online shop.

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