Making the Mundane Exotic: Imagination in Visual Merchandising

It’s a common enough complaint in the retail universe: “The stuff I sell isn’t all that exciting.”

Optometrists are a case in point. How often do you see an optometrist shop that looks different from all the others? Probably not that regularly.

They have 2 or maybe 3 walls of glasses, and maybe an aisle or two that you can walk down and look at their range. But do you really want to?  When you walk past an optometrist do you say, “I wish I had to wear glasses, they are so cool”? No, I didn’t think so.

Glasses are pretty boring, granted, but the optometrists could do better. There’s a scary amount of sameness about the shops that doesn’t have to be there.

If they looked at the glasses as something to show off, rather than show, imagine the result.

I mean, which of these make the glasses more attractive?





Here’s another home-grown example: We sell tissue paper. Tissue paper is actually just coloured rectangles, nothing more. We needed tissue paper displayed in our showroom, but we didn’t, because we didn’t know how……And we’re meant to be display experts! But this one had us stumped. Sure, we could do this:

But … it’s a bit obvious, isn’t it?

Which brings me to this:

Or ties. Ties are merely lengths of fabric people put around their neck. Yet a creative genius in a Brisbane tie shop did this last Christmas:

Yes, they’re ties. Yes, they are a Christmas tree (actually they are all suspended by fishing wire from the ceiling in some manner). What do you think?

That little bit of extra effort, imagination and right-brain-thinking will pay dividends.

If tissue paper, ties and humble spectacles can be displayed with panache, imagine what you could do with something a little more interesting, like… say… clothes!

Do you have any ways you make the mundane exotic in your shop? Leave a comment below, or email us images to be featured in the future!

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