Making the Most Out of Your Mannequins

Having beautiful and trendy clothes is not enough to attract shoppers to your boutique. Window and in-store displays are essential in showcasing your merchandise. When merchandise is simply left to hang on racks or neatly folded on tables, shoppers passing by will likely overlook them.

Improve your visual merchandising and boost your store sales with enticing displays. Mannequins, for example, give you effective marketing tools that promote your clothes. But there’s a little more to choosing mannequins than going for the first one you see.

Familiarise yourself with the different types of mannequins to help you decide which design is best suited for your boutique and its display needs.

Mannequin Types and their Uses                          

Modern mannequins for sale in Australia are designed to reflect the shopper. They come in different sizes, colours and even age representations. But, generally, mannequins can be divided into three major design types. Although all three essentially serve the same purpose, each has special applications.

Realistic Mannequins

As the name suggests, these mannequins are designed to give shoppers a realistic example of how your clothes can be worn. These mannequins use average human dimensions, from specific body types to age groups. Enhance these mannequins with accessories, makeup and wigs for better visual appeal. Although this type of mannequin tends to be more expensive, its realistic features offer great value to your boutique. 

Abstract Mannequins

Unlike its realistic counterpart, an abstract mannequin utilises a minimalist design. This type of mannequin often comes with a flat face with no discernible features. Some variations of it have basic facial features but without the level of detail of realistic mannequins.

This is one of the most commonly used mannequins in stores. Designed with average human dimensions, abstract mannequins are ideal for bringing focus to the clothes. Style them with accessories and put them in different poses to make them more eye-catching.

Headless Mannequins

Headless mannequins are ideal for stores with low ceilings. Place them on platforms without worrying about the tops of their heads bumping into the ceiling. Made with fibreglass, this type of mannequin is available in various designs. Choose from different sizes, body types and finishes. Style this mannequin just like how you would one with a head. If you need a head for hats and caps, some suppliers sell separate heads you can attach to your existing mannequin.

Choosing the Right Mannequin for Your Boutique

Before you settle on a mannequin, determine what best suits your boutique. Aside from what type of clothes you carry, consider the spatial restrictions of the space. Although a valuable marketing tool, the wrong choice will lead to a costly yet ineffective purchase.

If you are having difficulties in making a choice, consider consulting with experts. Apex Display is one of the leading shop fittings and supplies providers in the country. We have the industry expertise to help you find the ideal mannequins for your boutique.

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