Choosing The Right Display Cabinets

Choosing The Right Display Cabinets

A well-planned shop layout could mean the difference between window shoppers and bona fide customers. When fitting your store with display cabinets and shelving, it’s important to consider what kind of cabinets will suit your layout best. You will find different suppliers of display cabinets Australia wide offering an array of different products that you can choose.

But how do you know which display cabinets will suit your store’s overall design? Do you need something that will highlight your smaller wares? Or maybe you’re looking for something that can fit larger items? Apex Display has a range of cabinets to suit a variety of retail situations.
Below are three types of display cases that are sure to revamp your store and make your merchandise more tempting for people passing by to stop, look and buy.

Countertop Showcase

This compact display cabinet is best suited to rest atop your counter, table or shelf.
Your choice of either black, white, or ply colour will enhance the presentation of your watches, necklaces, bracelets or other valuable items in your store.
The countertop location is an extremely popular choice as it’s easy to locate for the customer, presents your merchandise in good lighting, and a glass lockable lid allows easy access for your staff with a key – adding extra security for peace of mind.

Square Tower Showcase

With four adjustable shelves, this Square display cabinet is ideal for merchandise of various sizes. Excellent for displaying electronic hardware or jewellery, this unit also has lockable wheels for easy relocation and comes flat-packed for easier transportation. The sleek design allows you to organise your stock and efficiently utilise your shop’s floor space.

Rectangular Tower Showcase

Our Rectangular glass display case has double the space with four adjustable shelves for various size merchandise like jewellery, electronics, figurines, and much more. The lockable doors provides easy access for staff with a key, whilst increasing overall security for your store. This unit also has lockable wheels for easy relocation and comes flat-packed for easy transportation.


Apex Display

With the finest display cabinets Australia has to offer, Apex Display has you covered. We offer a range of cost-effective, high-quality shop floor displays to suit your unique needs.  Contact us today or visit our showroom to see how we can help you choose the right product for your store.



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