Beware! Not all Retail Clothing Racks are Equal

Let’s say you need a rack.

(Forget, for a moment, that you ever heard of Apex Display!)

not all racks are created equal.



Naturally, your first stop is trusty old Google. You Google “clothes rack” and you see racks everywhere, along with the words “cheap” “good deal” or maybe the slightly classier “inexpensive”.

What you don’t see is the subtle omissions that make these racks not only cheap in dollars, but cheap in construction.

You may not think ‘Buyer Beware’ would apply to something as simple as a clothing rack. Reality check: it does, and if you decide on a rack with budget construction, you may be reminded of it at the most inopportune moment….

Like the moment you get the “we have just the thing” garment off the rack and have to explain away the flaking silver paint on its shoulders…

Or the moment the weight-bowed rail gives out and collapses in the middle of your store-full of customers…

… And you remember you can’t even vent your rage at the supplier, because your rack never came with a warranty!

Fortunately not all racks are created equal.

Choose not to put up with clothes snagging on racks, rails bowing, and workplace injuries from unfinished steel edges.

By deciding on an Apex Display rack, you may pay slightly more. However, you get what you are paying for:

  • 30% thicker steel than cheaper racks
  • Your rack also undergoes a unique multi-step chroming process during manufacture, which removes the paint flaking problem.
  • The high standards of quality control in design means the metal is never sharp or rough, so your staff and clothes are saved from injury.
  • and that’s just the start!

What’s more, there’s a complete range of add-ons and accessories for your rack. You tell us what you need, be it a mid-railaccessory basket, or extra height, and then enjoy the benefits of a rack personalized to your needs.

Of course, we back up our claim that the racks we sell are better, by giving you a 12 month warranty on them at purchase.

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