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An Update from Apex – COVID19

Without a doubt, the current global conditions are unprecedented. Amongst the broader community there is much distress and uncertainty. We understand that retailers are under pressure at the moment and may take some time to recover.

While times are quieter, it is the perfect opportunity to use your time wisely for when things do pick up and we bounce back from this economic downturn. 

Here is some advice for you to consider:

Stay Positive

Being positive in the face of a crisis is essential. It’s more important than ever to find things that make us smile and listen to the stories that offer hope. There is light at the end of this tunnel and together we can get through this.

  • Practice kindness. This doesn’t have to cost you anything but it can mean the world to someone else and guaranteed you’ll feel better for it.
  • Support your locals. Find ways to do your bit. We’re all feeling the squeeze and it’s during such times that the support from our communities can really help to make things a bit smoother.
  • Focus on the positive. It’s important to be informed to protect yourself and those around you, but try to limit the time you spend on gloomy news coverage.
  • Never give up hope. In the toughest of times we need to reflect on our past resilience to get hope for the future.
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Find Opportunities

When one door closes another opens. There may be less people in your store at the moment, but this could be a perfect opportunity to make your business stronger. Here are a few tips you could implement in your retail store:

  • Grow your online presence. If you don’t have an online store, now is an ideal time to set it up. At this point in time, online ordering is the safest and most effective way to stay on top. 
  • Keep in contact with your current customers. They will be very glad to hear from you if they are cooped up at home! Send emails, stay active on social media or give them a call to let them know you still care.
  • Plan any store display updates now. We understand that you may not want to spend any money at this point in time, but creating a plan to upgrade your store to implement when times are better will be beneficial.

Use a Growth Mindset

There are many government initiatives available to help Australian business’ survive the bumpy road ahead. We encourage you to research what you can claim and use these to your best advantage. Remember the seeds you sow now will help you bounce back stronger than before.  

Here’s a helpful link to get you started:



Apex Display is still open for business – if there is anything we can do to support you through these difficult times, feel free to reach out or give us a call. Stay safe and well!

The Team at Apex Display

When it rains, it pours…
but soon, the sun shines again.

Stay positive!

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