13 Things You Can Do Every Day to Improve Your Shop

Clean glass: Nothing looks dirtier more quickly, but is so easy to remedy. Wipe your shop front and glass shelving with a cloth and methylated spirits for best results.
Check lighting: Every day, scan your ceiling for blown bulbs and replace as necessary. While you may not notice the effect of a dead light, your sales will suffer if people can’t see products properly.
Check stands and merchandisers for wear and tear, and fix or replace: There’s nothing worse than a customer noticing a broken stand in your shop, then returning a few weeks later and it’s still there!
Tidy car park: Stray plastic bags or junk mail around the shop is unwelcoming to say the least.
Check for evidence of shoplifting: Scan display shelving for empty packets and deal with as necessary. Review CCTV footage as quickly after the theft as possible to increase your chances of catching the criminal.
Vacuum the floor: It is something that customers will rarely notice when you do it, but they will if you don’t!
Review previous day’s sales and change product displays: What did you sell the most of yesterday? Is there enough of it in stock to keep selling it? Perhaps put something else in the same location today and see if it sells as well.
Tidy counter area: every customer who makes a purchase at your store will see this area.
Replenish stock levels: what are you running low on, on the shop floor? Don’t let things run out in the middle of the day.
Tidy merchandise, obviously! Sadly, not everyone does this basic task every day, so we thought we’d mention it.
Review returns: Why were goods returned? What condition are they in? Dealing with returns every day will keep your task levels manageable.
Review window displays: Should you replace an item of clothing on display that stock is low on? The shop next door may have a similar garment in their window – is it time to change yours?
Research and plan every day: Plan marketing, plan what you’ll order in in two seasons’ time. Research merchandising techniques. Continually expand your knowledge and your shop will benefit!

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