10 Steps to a Professional Gift


Christmas is coming, & the retail jungle is a crowded place. We all know this is the busiest time of the year, but you need a way of edging over the others to reel in those hordes of list clutching silly-season shoppers.
Offer Giftwrapping.
Offer to wrap their Christmas gifts for free. It’s simple, obvious & even  old-fashioned, but it works. Actually, this is the time for nostalgic & old-fashioned, especially when it comes to service.
It might cost you a little bit extra initially, but when they decide to buy every present on their list from you, it’s you that will reap the benefits.

Will your professionalism stand out under the tree? Make it so!
But It Takes Time!
Yes it does take time, yes we know you’re busy. Ok, not busy, frantic. Get help. What about your mum? Enlist her help – she was wrapping your birthday presents years ago. Know any teenagers needing a couple of extra bucks? They’ve got presents to buy too! Only offer gift-wrapping between 3-5pm or on Saturdays. The perceived scarcity will actually attract people at this time (so long as you put a sign out to tell everyone)
Ok, it’s a good idea, but let’s be honest……. I can’t wrap things nicely.
An understandable issue, sure. Easily mended though, with this little 10-step guide (print it out if you like, and stick it to the counter).
10 Steps to A Good Wrap-Up
ESSENTIAL: Remove all pricing indications. Check for stickers, cross – or white-out prices on tags. Check all over the item.OPTIONAL but handy: If there is a box, use it. Wrap the item in tissue & place it in a box. Boxes are so much easier to wrap than soft things, like clothes, or odd shaped items. If there is no box, wrap the item in heaps of layers of tissue &/or bubblewrap.On your counter or wrapping table roll out the paper patterned side down. Be sure you have enough paper to fit around the entire gift. Measure if necessary, leaving a little bit extra then you’ll think you need.  Don’t cut the paper  off the roll yet.Are you a crooked cutter? Grab a ruler & rule a line down the paper where you plan to cut. Now cut exactly on that line. Put the gift wrap roll away.Place your item or box top end down, right in the centre of your piece of wrapping paper.Bring the paper on the longest side of your item around & over to the middle of the item. Run some double sided tape down the outer edge of the paper & fold about 1 centimetre in on itself. Secure the paper to the box/tissue/bubblewrap with the tape.Repeat step 6 with the opposite side of the item. The ‘seam’ where the joined paper is should be in the centre of the item.Assuming you are using a rectangular box, you will now need to close the ends.  Face one end towards you and push the sides in onto your box. Fold the right and left edges to form semi-triangular flaps. Tape the top flap to the box. Fold in the raw edge of the bottom flap & tape this to the other one with double-sided tape.Repeat on the other side of the parcel. Pinch the edges & corners to make it look all crisp and professional.Guess what? Its wrapped. Now you can add ribbon, gift seals & a card if you wish. Good luck!


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