UniSlot Feature Pod

UniSlot™ feature pod

UniSlot Feature Pod achieves the luxury look of high-end, illuminated cabinetry, without compromising UniSlot’s versatile and modular design. This display pairs well with UniSlot Wallmount as a feature display or as a standalone unit.

Benefits of UniSlot™ Feature Pod

  • Cabinetry-style display with integrated LED lighting in adjustable shelves and headers
  • Large range of interchangeable accessories
  • Ideal as a focal display
  • Pairs well with UniSlot Wallmount
  • Modular components allow you to adapt your display to
    changing seasons and product ranges

Due to the modular nature of the UniSlot™ Freature Pod, this retail display could be built in various configurations.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about which configuration would best suit your retail need.

UniSlot Wallmount

Make a statement in your store with the latest innovation in Shopfittings!

Draw attention to your products with integrated LED lighting and UniSlot accessories. Create a unique style for your store, choosing from our range of 100+ Premium Finishes. All of this, without blowing the budget! UniSlot Feature Pods are created by adding modular wing panels, back panels, illuminated LED header units and drawer units to the Wallmount system.

Luxurious and modular

Based on the highly functional post and rail system, the UniSlot Feature Pod brings together traditionally luxurious cabinetry and modular shop fitting systems, enabling retailers to create high-end displays within a conservative budget. The system combines ‘drop-in’ cabinetry units and designer finishes into alluring and effective retail displays.

Optional LED lighting

Accent lighting in bricks ‘n’ mortar retail stores is imperative to enhancing merchandise and attracting the attention of shoppers. UniSlot Feature Pods bring the possibilities of LED under-shelf lighting to budget-conscious retailers, without forgoing the merchandising flexibility of block-punched post and rail systems. Our ‘plug-and-play’ LED lighting can be seamlessly integrated into shelves and headers, bringing to life your products and ultimately creating a retail masterpiece.

Easy to install

For a competent installer, UniSlot is designed for simple and easy installation. Speaking to us first, before you begin your shopfit process can save you time and money. Basic tools and industry knowledge are essential.


We understand the impact that finishes have on the overall appearance of your store. That’s why our Australian made UniSlot timber components are available in a range of designer finishes to ensure that your store delivers impressive results.

Metal finishes

Metal Finishes

Satin Black, Pearl White and Bright Chrome

Timber finishes

Standard Timber Finishes

Textured Black, Classic White and Native Oak

Premium Finishes

Premium Timber Finishes

UniSlot™ and selected shop furniture products are available in a huge range of Premium Finishes from market-leading brands, including Laminex, Polytec and FlexiPanel.

Frequently Asked Question

The UniSlot™ Feature Pod comes in height variations of height variations of 2400mm and 3000mm. The bay widths can be built with variations of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm to suit your needs.

Back panels and shelves come in 3 standard colours: White, Black and Native Oak. White and black are our standard frame colours.


Our UniSlot™ Feature Pod is recommended to be styled with the timber accessories to ensure the custom cabinetry look and feel is achieved.

Although there is no official maximum number of bays recommended, to achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to limit the display to 2 or 3 bays.
To achieve the full effect being created, timber back panels are recommended to use backpanels on the featurepod, due to its design and use.

To achieve the full effect being created, timber back panels are recommended to use a header on the Feature Pod, due to its design and use.

As part of the UniSlot™ accessories, we have designed drawers that can be easily added to your display to make for easy storage on your display.

No! Tools required are an electric drill, cordless screwdriver, a spirit level and suitable fixing hardware.
The UniSlot™ Feature Pod comes with custom LED illuminated headers that can be easily added to your displays, alternatively you can undershelf strip lighting to add extra lighting into your merchandising.
Due to the weight of the design and the nature of the structure, it is recommended to mount the Feature Pod on the wall to ensure its structural safety.

Concepts to be inspired by!

UniSlot Wallmount Pod

UniSlot Feature Pod Accessories Concept

From $6,600 – $10,510+GST

  • 1 x 900mm and 4 x 600mm bays
  • Display size: 3335mm L x 2400mm H
  • Built using premium finishes

White UniSlot fixtures paired with Polytec Coastal Oak & Gossamer White timber finishes contribute to the modern, minimalist style in this accessories display. The integrated LED shelf lighting adds a further element of sophistication.

This concept can be built in standard frame and timber finishes. You could also use premium finishes to create an on-brand look.

UniSlot Feature Pod Apparel Concept

From $7,050 – $7,485+GST

  • 4 x 600mm bays
  • Display size: 2635mm L x 3000mm H
  • Built using premium finishes

Black UniSlot fixtures complemented by black timber finishes in this apparel display create a distinct mood which is further enhanced with the addition of integrated LED shelf lighting.

This concept can be built in standard frame and timber finishes. You could also use premium finishes to create an on-brand look.

UniSlot Wallmount Pod Concept Streetwear


Get in touch with us!

UniSlot™ and Apex Display support Australian retailers to succeed with smart and easy shopfitting and shop furniture solutions.

Apart from Modular Retail Gondolas, Apex Display specialises in various display stands, retail shopping accessories, retail display shelving systems, retail display shop furniture and much more.

UniSlot™ is the ultimate wall-mounted and freestanding shopfitting system designed by Apex Display.

Both thoughtfully and creatively designed, it brings together elements and features that no other system in the market has. Featuring a 40mm pitch spacing, the functionality and flexibility of this system and its components allows the retailer to merchandise stock easily and effectively – not just for today, but for years to come.

Available in satin black, gloss white and chrome finishes, the system includes posts, hangrails, shelves, crossbars, shelf lighting, and prongs. 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? UniSlot™ and selected shop furniture products are available in a huge range of Premium Finishes from market-leading brands, including Laminex, Polytec and FlexiPanel.

Whether you are an individual retail owner or retail designer, we are here to help you on your retail journey. Visit our showroom in Brisbane to see, touch and learn more about UniSlot™.



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