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Coat Hanger Options

Coat Hangers
Coat Hangers

It may not be the first thing you think of when fitting out your store, but coat hangers can play a very important part in a consumer’s buying decision. From plastic to timber, coat hangers can subtly change the look of the garment hanging and thus influence product sales. Choosing the correct coat hangers for your retail store can make all the difference to your overall aesthetic. Whichever you choose, using retail quality coat hangers makes all the difference. For all your coat hanger needs, Apex Display has you covered.


Timber Hangers

Coat Hangers
Coat Hangers

Timber or wooden hangers are perfect for hanging most garments including heavy clothing such as jackets, suits and the like. Durable with a beautiful finish, timber hangers provide a range of benefits to your garments including minimising droop and wrinkling on the clothing. Their cost-effectiveness also makes them an ideal choice.

Made from solid timber, wooden coat hangers don’t bend out of shape over time. Their durability and longevity also reduce the need for constant replacement. So despite the slightly larger initial outlay, timber hangers are often a sound investment for many retail stores.

Improving the aesthetic appearance of any display, timber hangers greatly improve first impressions. With a range of matching hanger styles available to suit a variety of garments, timber hangers assist retailers in creating a consistent image across the store. Their stylish appearance makes them a popular choice for many retailers.

Apex Display’s range of wooden hangers are available in beechwood, black or white colours giving retailers the flexibility to choose a colour that best suits their store.


Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are a perfect space saving option, and offer a range of benefits to your store.


Longlife Plastic Hangers

Coat Hangers
Coat Hangers

Quality accredited to Australian standards (ISO 9001), this collection boasts a durable design that is resistant to breakage. Offering a cost-effective option that comes in a range of different colours and sizes, Longlife Plastic Hangers are the ideal addition to your store.

Convenient for storing and displaying trousers, shorts, skirts and swimwear, the matching Longlife clip hangers are easy to use with a simple slide-to-lock mechanism. They are slimmer than other clip hangers and take up less space on the rack.

The Longlife hangers come in children, teens and adult sizes, making them the ideal multi-purpose hangers. With shoulder notches to prevent garments, dresses and lingerie from slipping, these durable hangers have an option to suit every fashion retailer. Use them for shirts, polo shirts, or T-shirts too.

Tight on space on your clothing racks? Need to fit in more stock? Longlife Plastic Hangers are the perfect solution to high-volume merchandising. These hangers are strong, lightweight and perfect for hanging almost any garment!


Slimline Plastic Hangers

If your budget is tight and space is at a premium, the Slimline Plastic Hangers could be the ideal option for your store. Thin, economical and lightweight, this range of hangers are ideal for use in fast fashion, charity and other high volume outlets.


Apex Display

Apex Display has you covered for all your coat hanger and retail shop requirements. We stock a wide range of cost-effective, high-quality retail supplies, so contact us today or visit our showroom to see how we can assist you in running a successful retail store.



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