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A Breakdown of Slatwall Shelves

If you own a retail store, slatwall shelving could be the ideal choice for your establishment. They offer timeless design and a versatile range of display options. Available in a range of sizes, colours and materials, slatwall shelves can enhance any space with ease. With acrylic, glass and timber slat wall options, Apex Display’s range of shelving can maximise the retail potential in any space.


Why Use Slatwall Shelves?

Perfect for use as a display system, Slatwall presents a range of versatile opportunities for retailers. Typically designed for ‘display purposes’ as opposed to holding volumes of stock, slatwall can enhance the aesthetic of your store in a flash. One of the system’s primary advantages is its ability to maximise use of wall space, especially in tight or small areas. While there are many different slatwall accessories available, slatwall shelves are one of the most popular items seen in retail stores today. Slatwall shelves are available in timber, acrylic and glass and each offers their own advantages.


Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are a beautiful choice to display your items and merchandise. Allowing light to glisten and filter through, glass is a great option that works well for displaying eyewear, jewellery and other small and valuable products. Glass makes products stand out and offers a great choice for a timeless and sophisticated display. With a range of sizes available to suit your merchandise, glass shelving from Apex Display could also be used with artificial lighting for a real wow effect.


Timber Shelves

Timber Slat Wall
Timber Slat Wall

A classic and aesthetically pleasing choice for any retailer, Apex Display’s Timber shelves are Australian made. Providing a strong and stable option to display your products, timber slat wall shelves come in a multitude of colours, perfect for matching your chosen theme or current aesthetic. A strong option that’s more heavy duty than glass or acrylic, timber provides strength to display a much wider range of products. Timber is a versatile choice and is suitable for use amongst a variety of retail markets.


Acrylic Shelves

Timber Slat Wall
Timber Slat Wall

Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, acrylic shelving is the ideal addition to any store or establishment. Suitable for displaying lightweight items such as shoes, accessories and more, this option is a cost-effective and timeless choice for any fashion retailer. With a range of sizes and types, acrylic shelves are a common option for many stores due to their versatility.


Apex Display

With a wide range of cost-effective, high-quality shopfittings and store displays, Apex Display has your timber slatwall shelving needs sorted. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see how we can enhance your store and bring your vision to life.



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