Single Rail Travellers Rack

$140.00 +GST

Single Rail Travellers Rack

$140.00 +GST

The premium value Single Rail Travellers Rack is designed for the rigorous use of everyday trading. Its high definition chrome finish and thick steel construction sets it apart from competitors, making it an ideal rack for many retail applications.

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  • 1260-1900W x 600D x 1450-1700mm H

  • $140.00
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    Lightweight, versatile and perfect for transporting, the single rail garment rack has large solid castor wheels for easy mobility, on both even and uneven surfaces. When you have it in the required position, apply the brakes and it will stay there. The top rail is can be adjusted to suit the items you are hanging on it, and the length can be increased by extending the rail at one or both ends. Adding a Travellers Rack Basket to the base of the rack will increase the storage space.

    One feature of this rack is its simple folding procedure, making it a favourite with fashion event organizers. Even interns could master it in seconds! If you need a seasonal sales rack, this is ideal – as it can be easily stored flat when not in use.

    The Single Rail Travellers Rack is constructed with triple chrome plated steel for longevity, and has a durable bar that can take the weight of your seasons range. Expect this sturdy rack to last you a long time!



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