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Before even entering a retail store, customers will first take a look at the retail display, also known as the window display. Featured at the front of a store, the window will symbolise a company’s work, either showcasing the main products they sell or the services they offer. But why is this so important for retail stores?

They Help Attract New Customers

The eye-catching display presents the overall mission statement to potential customers, displaying the voice, style, and products on offer instantly. If a window display is eye-catching enough, it can instantly attract a potential customer to its doors. A lot of the time, if customers have not visited a store before, one of the key factors on whether they will enter is based on how enticing the window display is. Increasing the spontaneous customers who enter the store by showcasing the company’s great highlights right off the bat!

They Tell your Brand Story

Window Displays are the business’s first point of visual contact. Showcasing a company’s products and services to the world. Window displays have become a vital part of retail stores, being an effective marketing tool for stores to showcase their products clearly and powerfully. They are used to detail the brand’s story with a simple glance, either by showcasing their style, their variety, or their uniqueness. Telling a customer everything they need to know about the brand without them even needing to enter the store. Due to humans being attracted to visuals, showing the brand’s mission and voice through unique visual representation will increase the chance a customer will pay attention.

They Inspire

If the main goal of the display is simply to attract more visitors to the shop, and due to a large majority of retail stores featuring a window display, the more creative, the better. Window displays are seen as a form of art, with the more interesting a window display, the more likely a customer is willing to be inspired to buy from you.

The Key Elements of a Retail Display

Focus on the Brand 

Brand awareness can range from obvious to subtle, to completely tapping into the subconscious. Ensuring customers understand the company’s key mission, and in retail, this is typically what the store is selling. This can be showcased through the actual products on display, the company logos to be shown, or more understated visuals exhibited. The latter of these options could include still using the brand’s main colours, which can easily be recognised.

Promoting the Goods

Another focus can be a company’s specific product or service. This can be an obvious window choice and can be best for straight forward displays to attract visitors. The objects on the show can be newly released products that they wish to sell more of, for example in bookstores they can showcase a newly released book that will gather many visitors inside. Otherwise, it can simply involve random products available, making the overall product or service the primary focus in the display in various ways, such as a clothes store to display a variety of outfits.

Using Welcoming Tactics

A welcoming window display is a welcoming store, with many customers entering a store simply due to the warm feelings its retail display showcases. Subtle effects such as colour can help trigger these feelings, such as warm tones such as yellow, orange and red are considered to be inviting, whereas cooler colours like blue and green are seen as calming. Depending on what your store is selling and hoping to inspire will affect your window’s welcoming tactics and can either make or break a brand’s image.

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