What rack goes where in your shop?

Whether you are planning a shop refit or opening a shop for the first time, if you sell clothes you will need racks. Retail clothing racks have so many different designs; you are excused if you are confused. Certain racks are more appropriate for certain items and areas in your shop. Read on for the ‘rules of thumb’ about the ideal rack for the different zones of your shop:

At the front of your store: You want to display your new stock, feature pre-matched outfits, and draw customers into your store. Start with star racks. These racks, also known as 4 way racks, have interchangeable arms – choose if you want sloped items viewed from the front, or a standard straight arm, perhaps with colour variations of one item.

Clearance area at the back of your store: Round racks are ideal here, as they have over 2.8 metres of hanging space, for many items. They are also on castors, so you can move them as necessary. Just ensure there is access to the clothing from all angles – don’t put them up against a wall!

In storerooms or outside change rooms: The perfect rack here is the Z Rack. Its heavy-duty construction means it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The Z-Shaped base, designed to minimise the risk of knocking it over, also means you can stack a number of racks together for easy storage when not in use.

For feature items, near your counter: Look no further than a spiral rack. The eye-catching construction is perfect for setting off accessories or standout garments. The stable flat base minimises the likelihood of people knocking it over.


In the middle of your store:Place the straight rail racks. Foldable portable racks are a great investment, as you can change around their position when you feel like it, but they are sturdy enough to be a ‘fixture’ of your shop. Choose a double bar rack to store twice as much product or a single rail rack if you have bulky or large garments to display. The amount you choose will depend on the size of your store, but remember if you get too many, just fold them away and rediscover them at sale time!

Around the sides of your store: Permanent fixtures should go here.  Each store will have different needs. We will be very happy to advise you and offer obligation-free suggestions. Get in contact today! We can’t wait to see your retail shop succeed.

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