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Creating High End, Unique Retail Displays

What is UniSlot™?

UniSlot is an innovative shopfitting system designed for retailers and visual merchandisers. Unique to Apex Display, it features block-punched posts, which accommodate shelves, hangrails and crossbars amongst other features. It can be left as a very simple, functional display system, or turned into a masterpiece with unique finishes and alluring touches. Due to its functionality, quick installation and ability to effectively merchandise stock, this system is the most popular in Australia. Read on to discover why UniSlot is different to any other merchandising system available. 

Where to use UniSlot™

Or should we say, where wouldn’t you use it? UniSlot is so versatile, it can be used in fashion, homewares, sports, hardware and so much more! It’s unique features are designed for fashion stores, so boutiques, large retail stores and chain stores are where this system really shines. For any bricks ‘n’ mortar store that requires form with functionality, UniSlot is possibly the answer.

How does it work?

This system is modular, working in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm bay widths to suit UniSlot merchandising fittings. Standard posts come in either 2.4m or 3m nominal heights to suit most shops. Merchandise your UniSlot system effectively by using our range of hangrails, crossbars, shelves, faceout arms, prongs, pelmets and back panels. To take your display to the next level, integrate LED lighting, highlighting merchandise or products and increase buyer interest. UniSlot allows a bricks ‘n’ mortar store to stand completely alone with 100+ designer finishes available for shelves, back panels & header units. 

Unsure of where to start? Apex Display offers obligation-free consultation and 3D store conceptualisation to guide you through the retail fitout journey. Visit our display centre to see the system in action!

Stand out

from the crowd...

Make a statement in your store with the latest innovation in shopfittings. Draw attention to your products with integrated LED lighting and Feature Pod accessories. Create a unique style for your store, choosing from our range of 100+ Premium Finishes. All of this, without blowing the budget!

UniSlot Pod Render Square

Engage buyers

with 100+ finishes

High-end fashion stores often create themes that resonate with their brand and create buyer appeal. Unsurprisingly, they come with a hefty price tag. UniSlot gives you the option to choose any Premium Finish from the Laminex or Flexcorp ranges for all shelves, header units and back panels – without breaking the bank.

Start simple

and add as you please ...

Similar to many other display systems in the market, UniSlot™ starts with  a simple selection of posts that mount to your wall. It can then be accessorised with timber back panels, timber shelves, timber header units, box display units and skirts. For the next touch, add LED lighting – we seamlessly integrate this into your shelves and header units whilst maintaining the ability to adjust your shelves.

UniSlot LED Lighting Clothes

Light it up

with LED Lighting

Bricks ‘n’ mortar stores must constantly evolve to compete with the digital age. The impact of directional lighting to enhance retail displays and merchandise cannot be underestimated. UniSlot™ is designed to seamlessly integrate LED strip lighting – under shelves and header units, easily and cost-effectively.

Meet the family

of UniSlot™ products

Wallmount, Freestand, Cube, Display Pods and Freestanding Gondolas

Sub Category unislot post

Wallmount System

Sub Category unislot gondola

Freestanding Gondolas

Sub Category UniSlot cube

UniSlot™ Cube

Wallmount System

back to basics

UniSlot™ wallmount posts can be either flush mounted or offset from the wall. Accessorise your UniSlot™ display with a range of hangrails, crossbars, shelves, straight arms, prongs, pelmets and back panels. 

Merchandising fittings can be easily moved around to suit new season stock or different ranges. 

Gondola Frames

freestanding merchandising

UniSlot™ Gondolas are an effective way of displaying clothing either forward-facing or side-hanging, using standard UniSlot™ fittings. Included castors allow the freestanding units to be moved as required. 

Finish these gondolas with a glass or timber topper to display merchandise.



Cube is our newest addition to the UniSlot™ range. A retail game-changer, Cube provides endless possibilities with a small number of components. By dividing the store into small sections, UniSlot™ Cube enables customers to focus on different labels, product ranges, colours or sizes.

UniSlot™ Cube is the only off-the-shelf system like it in Australia! Explore more about this system.

Feature Pods

Retail Cabinetry to suit your store!

Feature Pods are the latest addition to the UniSlot™ range. These display units are designed to build on existing UniSlot™ fixtures (or new!). These displays are ideal for ‘departmentalising’ store product ranges or creating feature displays.

  • Optional LED Lighting
  • 100+ Premium Finishes
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install

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UniSlot™ in use...

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