The QLD Plastic Bag Ban: All You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide To Which Bags You Can Use

As of 1 July 2018, the Queensland Government will be enforcing a state-wide ban on single use lightweight plastic bags. This ban will impact all retailers large and small.

It is important to understand, the ban relates to single-use, plastic shopping carry bags with handles and a thickness under 35 microns (µm). Biodegradable and degradable bags are also included under the ban. Penalties will apply for anyone supplying or using bags that are non-compliant.

What bags are banned? What bags can I use? 

Ultimately, the goal of the ban is to switch consumers from single-use bags to reusable bags. If you wish to continue using plastic bags, ensure they are above the prescribed regulation thickness, clearly designed to be reusable, different to the typical singlet bag and cannot be mistaken for a banned bag.

Otherwise, if you’re keen for an alternative that is naturally better, many retailers are taking the opportunity to switch to non-woven or paper bags. Apex Display has a large range of bags that are compliant. Browse our range online or contact one of our friendly team.

Still unsure? Click the link below for more detail on the QLD bag ban.

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