The Clothes Hanger Facts


Are you overlooking the simple fix that can smarten up your boutique?

If the clothing is looking a little underwhelming, and stock is not moving as fast as you would like, it’s highly likely you have a hanger problem.

The right hangers will correct many display issues including:

Filling out clothing, making it more attractive and removing ‘shoulder droop’

Limiting the likelihood of items dropping off your racks

Keeping your items in better condition, without crease marks

Elevating the ambiance of your shop

Make your store look stylish and have a high-end boutique feel to it

But how do you know what the right hanger is? The answer varies depending on your store.

Where do I start?

Choose your hangers depending on the selling price of the garment.

If your garments are inexpensive, there’s no need to invest a large amount in the hangers. (However, for retail environments, wire drycleaner hangers aren’t recommended – we’ll explain why in a moment).

The more you sell your clothes for, the more time and effort you should expect to put into presentation. Many high end stores respect their clothing so much they give it to the customer with an appropriate hanger, because they are aware that the right hanger actually prolongs the life of the clothes.

Read on to learn more about the different styles of hangers there are:

Plastic Hangers

Business Classic Plastic Hangers

If your garments are budget or ‘fast’ fashion; low priced and comparatively low quality, a plastic hanger is your best decision. Plastic hangers are available in a range of sizes and styles, with varying degrees of quality. The long-life hanger range sold by Apex Display are non-flimsy, cutting across the belief that plastic hangers break if you so much as look at them.

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Timber Hangers

Women's clothes hanging
Women’s clothing in pink tones on a white hanger. Selective focus.

The Timber Hanger Significantly more attractive than a plastic hanger, a wooden coat hanger will add to the presentation aspect of your shop. Not only will the entire store look classier, the clothes remain in a superior condition when hung on an appropriate timber hanger. The thickness of the hanger avoids the issue of ‘hanger marks’. Lastly timber hangers will last a lot longer than plastic or wire hangers.

Wooden Hangers

Wire Hangers

Wire hangers showing white men's business shirt

What about wire hangers?
There is nothing inherently wrong with wire hangers… when they are used as intended, as disposable items. The main companies that buy them are drycleaners, and for them this is a perfect option, as the clothes don’t remain on the hanger long enough for any adverse effects. However, over time an item of clothing on a wire hanger will be distorted from the metal, causing unsightly ‘hanger marks’.

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This is a general overview of the different hanger types to help you make the best choice for your retail store. Please browse our range online and remember, you save when you buy by the carton.

But wait, there’s more!  There is a plethora of hanger styles available, all with different design features and intended uses. Which style of hanger suits which item of clothing best?


The Shirt Hanger

·         Standard

A standard shirt hanger should be used for garments that button up the front – i.e. shirts, blouses and shirt-dresses. Choose hangers that are wide enough to fit the shoulders of the garments properly.

·         With Notches

Shirt hangers with notches allow for strappy clothing, or garments that have unusual necklines, so are held by the loops sown into the seams.

·         With Shoulder Grips

Shoulder grips are either inserted into the hanger or sold separately to the hanger. Made from plastic, they are designed in such a way as to reduce slippage of very smooth fabrics, such as silk and knitwear.

·         Shaped Shoulders

With shoulders sometimes described as ‘formed’, these hangers are made for suits and coats. The wider depth of the shoulders keeps the intended shape of the coat, without putting any coat hanger creases in it.


The Clip Hanger

·         Fixed clip

The fixed clip hanger, usually found on plastic hangers is the basic hanger option for skirts and pants. Ensure you purchase the size best suited to the items you are selling, because the clips don’t move to accommodate different waistband widths.

·         Movable Clip

A movable clip hanger can be used for many different sizes of clothing, but not only clothing! These can be used to hang fabric, such as scarves, wallpaper samples, cushion covers, paper carry bags and more…

·         Soft Grip Clip

A soft grip clip hanger has a padded clip, making it ideal for hanging fragile items, such as chiffon, silk and lace. The soft grip will also mean there is no risk of snags or pulls, and it will not leave ‘pinch marks’ sometimes seen with other clip hangers.


Specialty Hangers     

·         Bendable

The bendable latex hanger is an innovative take on the ‘one-size-fits-all’ theory. The latex is soft but has enough friction that it will not let garments slip off. Bend into any shape you want to a multitude of garments.

·         Trouser hanger

Whereas clip hangers can be used for skirts and pants, the trouser hanger is just for pants. Specifically designed for trousers to be doubled over, but easily removable, with a plastic – coated base bar to reduce unsightly crease marks.

·         Blanket Hanger

Blanket hangers are simply oversized clip hangers, with 4 clips instead of 2. They are designed to take the weight of a blanket without bowing, by evenly distributing the weight along the width of the hanger.

·         Combination Hangers

As the name seems to suggest, these hangers are a combination of shirt and clip hangers. Most often, these are used for hanging suits or twin-sets on the same hanger.  However, some people choose to use these for uniformity with hanging skirts and pants alone, because they are designed to match standard shirt hangers.

·         Fret Hanger

Far more popular for children’s clothing, these hangers are generally made for swimsuits. They are plastic and tend to mimic the bodyform, except as a flat hanger.

Decisions, decisions… can’t decide on the ideal hanger? Visit our showroom to view the options in real life, and get advice from an experienced staff member who will be able to direct you to the perfect 


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