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Shopfitting Systems

  • Slatmesh System

    Slatmesh System

    Slatmesh is a budget-friendly, easy-to-install and durable retail display system used in shopfitting. Designed to accept pegboard hooks and slatwall fittings, slatmesh offers superior versatility and merchandising options. Choose from a freestanding display using single or double sided legs, or mount slatmesh panels directly to a wall with the mesh mounting brackets. Available in black and chrome finishes for a…
  • Pegboard System

    Pegboard System

    Apex Display stocks a large range of quality constructed pegboard hooks. Use these hooks (or prongs) with slatwall, slatmesh, volcano board or pegboard to organise and effectively display hang-sell products. Flipscan pegboard hooks with label holders help customers to shop and will increase store sales. Available in lengths between 75 and 300mm and black, white and chrome finishes, there's a…
  • Gallery Rail Hanging System

    Gallery Rail Hanging System

    The Gallery Rail Hanging System is a flexible and straightforward arts and merchandise hanging system. The height at which an item is displayed is easily adjustable, offering a broad range of options to showcase your products along the wall sides of a store. The Gallery Rail Hanging System is ideal for shops with limited floor space and window display. Add…
  • The UniSlot System

    The UniSlot System

    UniSlot features a post and rail system with the post design to be either wall mounted with both a flush-mount or off-set option. The posts are available in Black, Chrome and Gloss White in both a 2375 or 2975mm height. The posts are a powdercoated tube with a 40mm pitch and is a structurally compliant product. Merchandise your UniSlot system…
  • Slatwall System

    Slatwall System

    Apex Display is a reputable supplier of quality Australian-made Slatwall shelves and panels. Custom made in our Brisbane warehouse, Slatwall is available in full sheet panels of 2400 x 1200mm with optional centre spacings, these panels can be custom cut to suit any requirement. White and black is our standard offering however you can choose from a wide colour palette…
  • Slotted Stripping

    Slotted Stripping

    Our range of Slotted Stripping provides a minimalistic and streamlined look for your store. The Aluminium stripping profile is 2400mm long and comes in both Single and Double slotted options at 40mm pitch spacing. Shop our range of economical shop fitting products today including brackets, hangrails and accessories.
  • MAXe System

    MAXe System

    We are a distributor of the MAXe display system in Australia. MAXe was designed to suit retail stores and the system is practical, simplistic and functional. It is easy for DIY installation, using one simple tool, making the MAXe system an opportune solution for a Pop-up store, exhibition stand, commercial showroom or short term/long term shop display. Shop our range…
  • The Kupo Display System

    The Kupo Display System

    The Kupo Display System is a quick, convenient idealistic way to exhibit your merchandise to the face of your clients. The polished aluminium poles simply tension between the floor and the ceiling, and if required to be free standing, a tripod base or circular disc plate can be utilized for stability. For higher ceilings over 3.7m, simply add an extension…
  • Peggie Display Systems

    Peggie Display Systems

    Peggie is a boutique display system for a modern and homely shop theme. She is best used sparingly, and Peggie is not for everyone. Peggie integrates seamlessly with UniSlots as a prestige back panels. Alternatively, Peggie can be mounted directly to a wall as a feature display using optional wall mount brackets. Peggie back panels are machined from melamine faced…

Shop Floor Displays

  • Store Mirrors

    Store Mirrors

    At Apex Display we supply mirrors to suit all areas of retail stores including Shoe Mirrors, Counter Mirrors, Freestanding Cheval Mirrors and Polished Edge Wall Mirrors. Shop our range of quality mirrors online.
  • Shopping Baskets and Trolleys

    Shopping Baskets and Trolleys

    Shop our range at Apex Display of Shopping Baskets, Shopping Basket Stands and Shopping Basket Trolleys. Shopping Baskets are available in Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. The Basket Stands and Trolleys are durable chrome plated products, designed to last.
  • Shop Counters

    Shop Counters

    Apex Display supplies an extensive range of quality made Shop Counters to Australian retailers. Available to purchase in 1200mm and 1800mm length Timber Counters, Register Counters, Corner Counters and Drawer Units. Shop our range of the Counters and components in Black,White and Ply timber finishes.
  • Product Merchandisers

    Product Merchandisers

    Apex Display stocks an extensive range of Product Merchandisers including Jewellery Displays, Ring Displays, Display Heads, Leatherette Displays, and Acrylic Stairways to assist merchandising stock. These low value merchandisers allow stock to be set out in the most attractive way to increase sales. All products are in stock, ready for immediate dispatch.
  • Mannequins


    Which mannequins best suit your shop Mannequins help stores display their latest merchandise. Apex Display offers a range of male and female models. Both are ideal for creating store displays that attract and entice customers with your products. We have both Male and Female models in Realistic and Abstract options available in fibreglass or plastic. The most popular range includes…
  • Garment Steamers

    Garment Steamers

    Apex Display stocks three different quality Garment Steamers to suit our clients’ steaming requirements. Our brands include Jiffy and Propress, which are world renowned companies. The Light Duty Steamer is recommended for light use whereas the Heavy Duty Steamer can used for more moderate levels of steaming. The Propress Steamer is the ultimate steamer designed to last and is safe…
  • Display Tables, Display Cubes & Dump Bins

    Display Tables, Display Cubes & Dump Bins

    Apex Display offers a selection of Display Tables, Dump Bins and Display Cubes to help merchandise sale items or highlight new products. The white and ply Display Tables are a sturdy design and feature folding legs for easy storage. The Folding Dump Bins and Castor Bases are ideal for sales as they can be moved around the store for maximum…
  • Display Cabinets

    Display Cabinets

    Displaying valuable and expensive stock does not have to involve getting custom cabinetry made when Apex Display supplies a range of quality Display Cabinets. Our range includes Countertop Display Cabinets, and small to large floor standing display Tower Showcases. All options are available in Black, White and Ply. Browse our range today.
  • Bodyforms and Torsos

    Bodyforms and Torsos

    Apex Display stocks a range of Bodyforms, Torsos and Display Heads to assist store owners with merchandising stock. Plastic Bodyforms come in both Male and Female in Black, Skin or White colours. Torsos are available in both Plastic and Fabric in both Male and Female with Black, Skin or White colours options. The Male and Female Display Heads provide a…

Shop Supplies

  • Tissue Paper

    Tissue Paper

    Apex Display distributes a wide range of Tissue Paper in an array of colours to suit every store and budget. Shop our range of Coloured Tissue Paper, Premium White Tissue Paper, Acid Free White Tissue Paper and Economy White Tissue Paper. Competitively priced and instock for dispatch.
  • Ticket and Sign Holders

    Ticket and Sign Holders

    Apex Display stocks a large range of quality Acrylic Sign Holders, and Ticket Frame Systems. The Acrylic Sign Holders are an economical option for displaying instore signage whilst the Ticket Frame Systems offer a classier look. There are a variety of sizes and options available to help you achieve the desired look and signage solution. Unsure of where to start,…
  • Size Dividers & Markers

    Size Dividers & Markers

    Stock organisation and identification can be achieved by using either the Stock Divider Discs (Printed or Blank options), Classic Size Markers (to be used on wire clothes hangers) or Size Tabs (suited for plastic Long Life hangers).  Apex Display stocks these popular products and are available for purchase online today.
  • Price Tagging Supplies

    Price Tagging Supplies

    Shop the range of popular Price Tagger Guns, Needles and Paper Swing Tickets at Apex Display today. These include the Economy Red Arrow Tagger Gun and the Premium Avery Dennison Mark III Tagger Gun. Available in stock to suit is our extensive selection of Hooktach, Secur-A-Tach, Economy and Avery Dennison Fasteners. We also have a variety of Swing Tickets, and…
  • Price Marking Supplies

    Price Marking Supplies

    Apex Display has your Price Marking needs covered with our reputable range of Price Guns and Labels. For a small investment, the range of SATO Price and Date Guns will not disappoint. They are a durable product available in both one and two lines with up to 10 Digit capacity. Shop our range of Price Labels in Permanent and Removable…
  • Point of Sale Supplies

    Point of Sale Supplies

    Apex Display has an extensive range of Point of Sale products to help you run your store smoothly everyday. Shop our range of instore Paper Posters, Sale Balloons, Markdown Labels and Discount Cards. Our Layby Voucher System is a popular product as well as our unique Gift Vouchers and Envelopes. Shop now or come instore to purchase and save on…
  • Hanging Accessories

    Hanging Accessories

    Apex Display has any instore signage dilemma sorted with its extensive range of Hanging Accessories for posters and discount cards.  Suction Cups are perfect for window fronts displays, whilst Ceiling Loops can be easily applied to ceilings for a short term use. For long term use shop our range of Wire Fish Clips or Suspended Ceiling Hooks. Posters can be…
  • Garment Bags and Covers

    Garment Bags and Covers

    Protecting delicate garments is a number one priority for all store owners selling high ticket items. Apex Display has the solution with a large range of Garment Bags available for purchase online or instore. The range includes a Non Woven Range which comes in a Black Suit Bag or a White Gown bag. The Plastic range includes two different sized…
  • Clothes Hangers

    Clothes Hangers

    How to choose your clothes hangers for your store Apex Display is a reputable supplier of Clothes Hangers in Australia, stocking an extensive range of Timber, Plastic and Metal Hangers. Our range includes Shirt, Clip or Combination styles, all available in Baby, Teenager and Adult sizes. Our popular range of Timber Hangers come in White, Black and Beech colours. The…
  • Carry Bags

    Carry Bags

    How to choose your carry bags for your store Apex Display stocks the most extensive range of affordable priced retail carry bags suited for any retail store in Australia. Please browse through our range of popular 100% recyclable and biodegradable, environmentally friendly paper bags. We stock Kraft and White Twisted Paper Bags, Kraft and White Rope Handle Bags, Black and…
  • Brochure Holders and Stands

    Brochure Holders and Stands

    Catch the attention of your customers with our range of brochure holders. Brochure Stands and holders give your business a strong face-lift working to organise and display your brochures in a stylish and professional manner.  No matter which industry you’re in, a clear and concise display system is a crucial element in optimising the visibility of your information booklets or…


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