Peggie is a boutique display system for a modern and homely shop theme. She is best used sparingly, and Peggie is not for everyone. Peggie integrates seamlessly with UniSlots as a prestige back panels. Alternatively, Peggie can be mounted directly to a wall as a feature display using optional wall mount brackets.

Peggie back panels are machined from melamine faced ply for ultimate strength and durability. The 75 x 70 mm grid pattern of the unique Peggies holes creates an aesthetic backdrop for merchandising . But, they’re not just holes – each Peaggie hole is carefully tapered to provide a snug fit for the Peggie Pegs which physically lock into the panel for secure merchandising.

Panels, Pegs and variety of carefully imagined accessories, for merchandising only the finest quality products. Peggie is available in a variety of timber finishes and will be sure to add that touch of class to your store that only Peggie can provide.