Our kraft paper bags are made from high strength paper. Their strong handles allow you to carry a significant amount of weight safely. These plastic-free bags are available in a broad range of sizes to suit purchases big and small.

Kraft brown paper bags remain an all-time favourite for their strength, eco-friendliness and reusability. These carry bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We stock a broad range of paper bags with handles and deliver Australia-wide.

Paper carry bags cover many benefits. They are affordable, environmentally friendly and sturdy. Kraft carry bags are biodegradable and do not represent a threat to the environment, fauna and flora.

Paper bags degrade within six months. Paper carry bags are reusable. Their life cycle has considerably improved throughout the years. Kraft bags are made out of organic material and allow air circulation through their pores. Paper carry bags are an excellent mean for packing food.