Mannequins are invaluable assets for your store. They are renowned for being the retail ‘silent salesmen’. They grasp the attention of potential buyers, and help to highlight the latest trends. They help customers visualise what the displayed garment and fashion accessories could look like on them, while guiding them through a broader range of products.

Plastic mannequins fulfil their mission by showcasing your merchandise in style. Our plastic forms are made from durable polypropylene with a premium white gloss finish. They are robust, aesthetically pleasing, and in vogue.

As they are lightweight, they are easy to handle and move around your store. You can revisit the way you showcase and merchandise your range in only minutes.

Our plastic mannequins have detachable limbs, which makes them significantly easier and quicker to dress.

Our plastic models feature abstract eggheads and flat neck caps for a headless option. Also included is:

  •        Round tempered glass base with calf mount
  •       Interchangeable semi-abstract heads available for purchase separately

Our range of plastic mannequins includes different age groups and genders. They cover children through to teenagers, and adults – male and female. Our female plastic mannequin range, Patsy, is available in several different poses to suit any retail fashion store needs.

Plastic mannequins are a popular display solution for any clothing store wanting to attractively display and sell dresses, garments and fashion accessories.