Tiered Display Pedestals Set

These display pedestals are used for elevation. Also known as merchandising plinths, you can place mannequins, shoes, bags and many other different items on them.

Retail store use them to highlight a new clothing range or used as a focal point for items on sale.

All pedestals are 390 x 390mm, with varying heights – 300, 500, 700 and 900mm H.

Apex Display’s own range of Australian Made display pedestals, tables and drawers create endless merchandising flexiblity.

  • Attract attention and engage your customers with a well-presented floor display.
  • Arrange in any configuration to suit your needs and merchandise.
  • Designed for easy assembly and everyday retail use.

For that bespoke, luxury finish, our display pedestals come in 3 standard colours. Choose from black, white or native oak pedestals. If you need your retail displays to align with your brand, we could make your display pedestals in one of our many premium finishes.