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A destination for women's fashion in Casino, NSW​

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About Mollymays

Young entrepreneur Molly spotted a need for fashion and accessories in regional NSW. Molly opened her fashion boutique, Mollymay boutique in Casino, at the age of 19. She launched her brick and mortar store straight after graduating from high school, offering inhabitants of Casino and neighbouring NSW towns all their fashion necessities. Mollymay Boutique stocks a whole bunch of unique handmade products from all over Australia.

To start with, the young achiever needed a minimalist shopfitting system. She decided to open her store using garment racks that would reflect her brand personality.

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Do you think this retail display could work in your store? Every journey starts with a single step, and in retail shelving and display, all successful stores start with a small idea.

Create your dream store with the garment racks that we used in this project, and add others from our entire range to make your shop uniquely yours.

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Industrial Single Rail Garment Rack - Mollymays Casino NSW


Products and Systems Used for this project

Mollymays Shop Floor Displays

Molly decided to utilise our industrial freestanding garment racks for this project to give her store a contemporary look. Garment racks are a simple way to set a tone in your store. It is a good start before exploring more shopfitting options. From there, it is easy to add some modular display shelving systems that match the look and feel of those industrial clothing racks.

Molly completed her store with a set of torsos and bodyforms to showcase her fashion labels and help her customers visualise how her collection of garments could look on them. 



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