The rise of online shopping has changed the way the retail sector operates. More than ever, brick-and-mortar stores need to offer their customers a memorable and an enjoyable experience. Mannequins embody the overall vibe of a store. They contribute to set the mood of a shop by creating visual interests and drawing shoppers into the store.

In the world of fashion, the better garments and accessories are displayed, the better they sell. Mannequins work so well because they bring apparel to life. Every clothing label tells a story and invites the customer to pursue that story. In a store, a mannequin is a link between a brand and the customer.

Mannequins are the “silent salesperson” to whom customers relate. They help customers visualise how they could look wearing the garment. People can materialise the fabric in a three-dimensional view. They can reflect themselves in place of the model.

Featuring the figure in an entire outfit rather than merely a single clothing item can inspire customers. They can see what accessories go with a particular type of clothes, such as sunglasses, bag, shoes and much more. 

Keep your consumers in mind, along with the product you sell. The right mannequin should reflect your customers while instantly conveying the positioning of the brand. It catches the nature of the product sold in the store. A sports pose mannequin will significantly differ from a fashion one. How you position your boutique, shop and the labels you sell define which figure you need.

We distinguish four main types of mannequins and forms, all available at Apex Display:
  • Plastic mannequins, with the same appearance as traditional fibreglass mannequins, are renowned for their durability and lightweight.
  • Realistic mannequins have life-like facial features and postures. The skin tone resembles a human’s, and the make-up is perfectly styled. These fibreglass mannequins are a great option to give your shop a real human-like feel.
  • Torsos, dress or body forms are less prone to changes in style trends than full-body mannequins. They usually cheaper, stronger, easier to move and perfectly suited to fit on counters or shelves. They are ideal if you are limited in floor space, but have wall space.

Feel free to contact our friendly team to help you bring your shop to life by finding out which mannequin suits your store best.

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