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Retail and display shelving is an area within your business that you may not spend as much time thinking over as you should. Choosing the right shelving can provide a system that can be used again and again and enhance the style of your store.


In this blog, we’ll be going over what you should consider when looking to buy display shelving for your business. So, the next shelving unit you buy will not only be able to last a lifetime and a handful of different campaigns and displays but will also look great in your store’s environment.


Choosing Shelving Based on the Items You Sell

Different shelving units will be made with different types of products in mind. While some are intended for heavy-duty items, there are other units that are designed for small and lightweight objects only. Depending on the items you sell or plan to bring into your store in the future, you’ll be able to determine what type of durability and weight support your shelves need. By choosing your new shelving unit based on this factor, you can ensure that not only will the shelves support the changing and various products you’re selling but that they’ll be fully supported and won’t risk breaking or falling onto any potential customers browsing.

Choosing Shelving Based on Your Stores Style

Your store should have a clear style that has been adapted throughout the space. Creating a fully immersive store that aligns with your brand’s style as well as captivating and engaging your customers is something you want to focus on when choosing the right shelving system.

If you choose a cheap, run-of-the-mill shelving unit in a store that is contemporary, such as pigeonhole shelving or other alternative and different display units, it’ll break your store’s flow and create an unfinished look to everyone that walks into your store. If you sell high-quality jewellery, for example, glass shelving with controlled focused lighting will suit your products much better than rustic wood or industrial metal style fixtures.

Choose Shelving That Fits Your Space 

It doesn’t make sense if you have a small store and buy a shelving unit that overshadows the rest of the store and overwhelms the space. It’ll not only create an unjointed display in your store, but it’ll also make a small store feel even smaller. By choosing the right shelving unit for your store you can actually achieve a space that looks bigger and will create a more enjoyable and relaxed experience for your customers.

Shelving that Will Help to Control Customer Traffic 

Using your shelving to your advantage is something that has been utilised by a lot of large and small business owners. Creating a pathway with your shelves, like those seen at many registers in stores can help to create a controlled and clear area for your customers to come and buy products or for advice. It can be very beneficial in busy seasons such as Christmas, saving your employees time having to organise and direct customers, and instead focusing on serving them all their needs.

It’s Time to Find the Best Shelving Solution for Your Store 

Apex Display works with independent retail stores, large franchises and international companies to create attractive and functional shelving displays to suit every budget. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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