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As a retail business owner, creating a space that looks good and works functionally for you and your customers is of the highest importance. There needs to be a delicate balance between overall presentation and store layout in order to drive successful outcomes. Products like heavy duty clothes racks and spiral racks are just a few tools you can utilise to create this beneficial balance in your store.

The Advantages of Clothing Racks in Your Business


Racks are one of the simplest ways to organise your retail store. They work effectively to separate stock, so products are more accessible for your consumers to browse through. This allows stock to categorised by size, colours, styles or more.

You can also use the layout and position of these racks to create traffic flow within your store. Whether this is around your cash register or to prevent customers from walking in areas they shouldn’t be, the clothing racks you use do more than just organise your floor stock.

Browser Friendly

Clothing racks offer a simplified browsing experience and less work for your staff. Unlike shelves with folded clothes that constantly need to be refolded, racks allow your customers to glide through your products to find exactly what they’re looking for. Another great benefit is your clothing doesn’t get creased so can be sold to the customer as ‘ready-to-wear’, with no ironing needed.

Easy Promotion of Sale and New Items

Clothing racks can also play an essential role in your store’s sales. Through strategic placement, your clothes racks can be used to feature new and promoted items, standing out from the rest of your stock. You can also utilise these racks to group similar products, helping your customers to easily find all parts of an outfit from one accessible location.

Types of Retail Clothing Racks

  • Four-Way Racks. These racks work to present all sides of the merchandise to your customers. This allows your customers to see and compare other pieces on the same rack easily.
  • Single Rail Racks. These are the most popular and accessible racks available. They are easy to move and utilise in any retail space.
  • Rolling Racks. These are most common for stores that change their layout regularly or need portable racks to move stock to and from their back-of-house storage.
  • Circular or  Spiral Racks. These racks help to show off your merchandise on the sales floor, presenting stock in a more elegant display than a straight rack.

Apex Display’s Range of Heavy Duty Z Racks

Our heavy-duty Z racks offer truly industrial strength to withstand continual use in warehouse environments. With a robust design and support braces, our heavy-duty Z rack is ideal for displaying large volumes of heavy pieces like leather jackets or wedding dresses and gowns.

Be Shop Ready with Apex Display

If you’re looking for the perfect shop fittings and display solutions for your retail store, you need Apex Display. Our wide range of racking and shelving solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of retail stores. With a range of both stocked product and made-to-order items we have your retail needs covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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