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For Kids With Style - Tumut, NSW

About Call Me Cutie Kids

Jen opened her online store, Call Me Cutie Kids, in 2019. A few months later, she decided to open a physical boutique in the heart of Tumut. Call Me Cutie Kids is a children clothes and accessories store based in Tumut, at the base of the beautiful Snowy Mountains, in NSW. The store features all the latest styles and top quality brands catering for newborn to 8 years. From clothing to accessories, décor, toys, gifts and much more, Call Me Cutie Kids gets you covered!

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UniSlot Freestand, Peggie System and display table at Call Me Cutie Kids in Tumut


Products and Systems Used for this project

The Call Me Cutie Kids Project

After running her baby and children business online for eighteen months, Jen decided to open a physical store. She took over a small boutique in Tumut, at the base of the Snowy Mountains in NSW.

The storefront and the shop itself are small, which represented a challenge. It could quickly be cluttered with too many racks, large display tables or significant shop fixtures. Jen didn’t know where to start, but she knew she would have to make the most of her walls. Would floating shelves do the jobs? It wouldn’t hold enough products.

Jen was concerned about finding the most effective store fixtures without breaking the bank. She was also conscious of being able to install the system herself with the help of her husband.

“The biggest thing for me as being a rural client is that I needed to find a supplier genuine, trustworthy, honest, who could deliver on time and ship the goods to me in good working conditions,” says Jen. 

Jen opted for the flexibility of the UniSlot™ Freestand units. These units are not fixed to any walls and can easily be moved. They can use different back panels. A whole range of accessories can apply. This modularity offers Jen the flexibility she needed to remain in control of her budget. She also used the Peggie System in one section of her shop. Here again, modularity allows her to reshuffle those panels on the display system to make the most of those fixtures.

It took Jen and her husband no more than 4 hours to put everything together.

Since Call Me Cutie Kids has opened its physical location, Jen keeps receiving positive comments about her store, the labels she sells, the look and vibe and, of course, her great and “Jen-istic” bubbly personality. “I couldn’t be happier,” concludes Jen.

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