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Billie & Me

Women's fashion boutique in North Queensland

About Billie & Me

Billie and her sister, Sheridan, operate two stores in Townsville – one in Stockland and another at Fairfield Central. Their women’s fashion boutiques, Billie & Me, are all about making women feel good by looking good through a great range of exclusive labels and brands perfect for the North Queensland lifestyle. In addition to clothes, the store also sells some beautiful jewellery and handbags.

Billie & Me operates online and offline. Billie and Sheridan’s physical store has been operating for five years. The store is so popular the siblings decided to open a second one in another North Queensland mall in early 2021.

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Products and Systems Used for this project

Billie & Me Project

Siblings Billie and Sheridan decided to combine their skills and passion by opening a fashion store – Billie & Me – in Stockland, Townsville, in 2016.
After five years of successful operations, the pair decided to open their second store in Fairfield shopping centre.

The second Billie & Me boutique needed to reflect the same minimalist approach to highlight the colours and fabrics. Billie and Sheridan were looking for a quality display system that will create a hierarchy between the walls, fixtures and the product range. It was important for Billie and Sheridan to change the settings to change the display to entice customers to walk in and check the latest collections.

For this project, Billie and Sheridan opted for a discreet black UniSlot™ Wallmount system contrasting with the walls without taking over the feast of colour from their garments. They also bought a couple of abstract mannequins for their windows. Similarly, they opted for torsos to be displayed on the counter and shelves. The siblings put black H-Frame Gondolas and black Pipe Racks with their respective timber base on their store floor to stick with the black and timber theme for an earthy colour palette.

“We are super happy with the fixtures & fittings we got from Apex Display. They look & work great for us!” says Billie.

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