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Bella Doll Boutique Shop Fit Out

Bohemian lifestyle fashion boutique


Bella Doll Boutique

About Bella Doll retail store

The owners at Bella Doll Boutique decided to keep it simple by using just black UniSlot™ Wallmount Posts, Black H-Frame Gondolas and Black Side Hangrails, Crossbars and Faceout Arms.

The simplicity and clean lines of this store make it a statement piece! The owners appreciated coming into our showroom on numerous occasions to look at our Shopfitting displays. They have cleverly set out the store to ensure the flow works smoothly, and the smart window front dressings lure any passer-by into this store.

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Do you think this retail display could work in your store? Every journey starts with a single step, and in retail shelving and display, all successful stores start with a small idea.

Create your dream store with the shop display shelving that we used in this project, and add others from our entire range to make your shop uniquely yours.

Do you have a question about how this could work in your store? Reach out to us today.



Bella Doll Boutique


Products and Systems Used for this project


UniSlot™ H-Frame Gondola


UniSlot™ Wallmount


Timber Shelves


Bella Doll Boutique Shop Fit-Out

Shop owners Craig and Charlie were looking for a flexible and modular system to refurbish their retail store Bella Doll Boutique.

They found the UniSlot™ display system to be a great investment for their store.

UniSlot™ Wallmount offers a cost-effective display shelving solution for retail stores. Wallmount allows shop owners to rearrange their display on demand by quickly moving around Australian made timber shelves and other hanging display accessories, such as hangrails or crossbars.



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