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Reaching to the top in Far North Queensland

The Bay Tree Homewares Gifts in Cairns

About the Bay Tree Gifts & Homewares Retail Store

This Cairns based shop specialises in Australian furniture and decors with a coastal style. It has grown in popularity for its tropical style and the broad range of unique items it sells.

Shop owner Kiri decided to move from her little store in the local shopping mall in Smithfield and established herself nearby in a large standalone building to benefit from a huge showroom and furniture line.

The northern beaches homewares store moved from one extreme to another. From a small, cluttered store to large floor space, Kiri needed display shelving for her retail store to organise her product presentation to ensure her customers had the best shopping experience possible. Successfully organising a sizeable retail space has its challenges, especially on a budget.

From our 3D visualisation service and the recommendations based on the latter, Kiri decided to look at UniSlotFreestandWallmount and Feature Pod retail display fixtures. Apex Display assisted Kiri in her journey.

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Do you think these shop display shelves could work in your store? Every journey starts with a single step, and in retail display, all successful stores start with a small idea.

Create your dream store with the retail display shelves that we used in this project, and add others from our entire range to make your shop uniquely yours.

Got a question about how this could work in your store? Reach out to us today.

UniSlot Double Sided Unit 3


The Bay Tree Gifts & Homewares Shop Fit-Out

Kiri met with Phil from Apex Display while he was touring regional Queensland.

The North Queenslander opted for a free-flow store layout to encourage visitors to browse and wander around, discovering the many gems her boutique has to offer. Kiri wanted retail hanging display racks for her shop, which would effectively guide people through focal points in an open environment while reflecting the tropical vibe of her brand.

Retail shelving has a massive impact on how a store performs. According to Nielsen, 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, at the shelf. An appealing and well organised retail environment is a key asset for a shop owner.

Kiri was very enthusiastic about the Unislot™ modular retail display because of its flexibility and functionality. The floor of the new shop wasn’t perfectly level, so the adjustable glides would help overcome that without breaking the bank.

After discussing customisation options with Phil, she opted for a combination of Unislot™ Freestand, Wallmount and Feature Pod. She chose a colour palette of Australian Made Native shop shelving in Oak and white to reflect her brand and coastal style.

The team at Apex Display supplied Kiri with renders and recommendations to optimise her floor plan, composed of some micro aisles made out of the Unislot™ Freestand and Wallmount display systems at the back of the store. This allowed an open sightline throughout the shop.

Four crates of flat packed shopfittings made their way to Cairns in tropical Queensland. Her partner easily assembled and installed the freestanding and fixed modular systems.

With the new displays, the shelving creates focal points on the back walls and drives visitors through the shop to those specific merchandise areas and whatever lies in between.

Customers have been coming in droves through the doors, browsing through the massive range of gifts and homeware items. They enjoy a memorable shopping experience. While hunting for that special gift, there’s one thing that they always take away – a memorable shopping experience.

Kiri is thrilled with the result. “I receive lots of congratulating messages and positive comments from customers they love the look and feel!”, says Kiri, adding she will be investing in UniSlot as her store goes from strength to strength.

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