9 Types of Shop that Need Brightly Coloured Bags

Do you fit into any of these groups?

The Shop that wants to stand out

Coloured bags are different. Being unique in a world overstuffed with retail is not easy. What is easy is having the bag that catches the most attention when it’s with all the others on a customer’s arm.

The Shop that is fun

Do you promote your shop as fresh, quirky or curiosity inducing? Does that extend to the way your customer takes your products home? A coloured bag is the one that will get “Show me what’s in that bag first” from your customer’s family and friends.

The shop that has a distinctive colour theme

For the shop that has all their shelves, light fittings, floor coverings and walls hot pink, or lemon yellow or an equally distinctive shade, it’s only going to underwhelm the customer if they walk out carrying a non-descript bag.

The shop with a colour in its name

A Squeeze of Lime and Purple Haze are memorable and unique shop names that would create buzz in the right circumstances. Printed bags are expensive, but matching the colour is the first step towards customization. Wouldn’t it carry the whole experience further, matching the colour of your bag to the shop name?

The shop that encourages re-using bags.

These days, it’s not only fashionable to care about the environment, it matters to everyone. A coloured bag is more attractive than the standard brown paper one, and more likely to be re-used as a gift bag, without the need for wrapping paper. Prove your eco-friendliness by encouraging customers to re-use the bags.

The shop who knows it’s budget

Ok, if they could, most retailers would get a custom printed high gloss bag with a gold chain handle, but the reality is not everyone can afford to give away something that valuable to every customer. A colourful bag is a unique and individual way of standing out for less. A printed sticker applied to the front of the coloured bag is great as well.

The shop whose customers have personality

Who wouldn’t feel a little bit more cheerful after walking out with ahot pink paper bag in hand? An interesting bag is a compliment to your customer’s taste, and it says to people “Theres something special inside”.

The shop that sells products for children

Kids and bright colours are like coffee and cake – fine without the other, but almost always together! Get into the mood of your children’s shop by letting your customer take home some of the atmosphere. (the kids will want to carry the bag!)

The shop that is tired, and needs waking up

This is the most obvious and inexpensive way of giving yourself something to smile about each day. There’s something so happy about a bright coloured bag – you’ll like giving them to people, and your customer will smile when they receive it. They’re just that powerful!

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